Saturday, October 22, 2005

Lucknow: What and Where To Eat

There is no better place to eat, but stomach do not have so much space. Nawabs loved their cuisine, and so do the current inhabitants, therefore almost in every colony of the city, especially the old city, one can find a famous joint serving your favourite delicacy.

Amongst fruits, Lucknow is famous for it's Dusheri Mangos, Safeda Kharbuja(Cantaloupe), and Gulab Falsey(Blueberries). So if you happen to be there, heaven's forbid, in Summer - that's the season to enjoy them.

Nawabs are credited to have discovered Dum Pukht(slow, prolonged cooking) style of cooking. So all the Dum varieties are popular over here be it Dum Biryani, Dum Mutton, Dum Murg or even Dum Aloo.

Amongst rice varities, Lucknow is known for it's Pulav - especially Noor Pulav, Moti Pulav, and Chameli Pulav. Sweet Pulav like Mazafar, and Khat-Miththe Pulav are popular too.

Roomali Roti, and Sheermal has distinct style. They are prepared and treated differently over here than the rest of the country.

And the Kebabs. This is the land of Kebabs. There is a shop called Tunde Kebabi in Aminabad and Chowk which is world famous. Shop is over hundered years old, and it's stuff get's exported abroad. Kakori's Nargisi and Seek Kebabs are in huge demand in every Muglai kitchen. Last but not least, Sakhawat's Shami and Galawat Kebabs are mouth watering too.

Hotel Taj Residency, Hotel Clarks Awadh, and Carton Hotel serve most of the popular stuff available here, but the real stuff is in the bylanes. There is shop of Mushtaq Mian near press club which is famous for it's Biryani and Kebab. There is always decent crowd in Rahim's shop in Maulviganj, which serves delicious Nahri Kulche. Biryani at Tulsi Plaza, and Sharma's Lucknow Ki Chaat are also well known.

In Chowk near Akbari Gate, which is the heart of the old city, there is place called Shahganj. It has numerous food joints serving delicious delicacies. Then there is Kali Mirch Ka Murga in Charbagh's Maharaja Hotel, which is very famous.

To satiate your sweet buds too, there are a lot of arrangements. Ram Asre, and Moti Mahal in HazratGanj, while Kabra Ki Dukaan, which is now known as Madhurima, ar Sri Ram Road Aminabad are famous for their sweet meat. Kishori sweets and Khairati's Namkeen are very popular in this part of the world.

Ram Asre's never uses tap water in their sweets because the washer in them has the animal leather. Not only this, they always use raw sugar instead of prepared sugar from the market because bones are used in the cleansing of sugar. His sweets are believed to be perfect fit for offering to God.

Makhkhan Malai or Lab-e-Mashook is known and eaten only in Lucknow during winters. It is prepared near Kali Ji's Mandir in Chowk and supplied to the whole city. No body other than the manufacturers know the exact recipe of the preparation.

Ram Asre's Malai Pan and Tirangi Barfi are Lucknow's orginal. Chowk's Raja's Thandai Lassi, Raja Bazar's Kapurkand, Radhe Lal's Doodhiya Barfi, Kali Gajar Ka Halwa, Rajbhog, Aam Ki Kheer, and Mewey Ka Dhoodh are famous. In Yahiyaganj Tatpatti Ki Rabri, in Aishbagh Babulal's Khasta-Kachaudi, Netram's Jalebi and Imarti, Pindi's Chhena sweets are very popular amongst the city residents.

The list has become too long, and I am still not even half over. No detailed mention of Lucknow's trademark Imartees and Revdiyan for which it is well known. So you can see there is much much more to offer, but as I said earlier, there is not much space left in the stomach. You all must have already started burping aloud.

Rest of the story may be some other time. Till then you all can enjoy the above stuff in your imagination.

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