Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lucknow : Shaam-E-Awadh

Koi Kissa Mujhko Khush Aaata Nahin
Haan Magar Ek Dastaan-E-Lucknow

Like Benares is known for it's Subah-E-Benares, i.e. mornings of it's ghats and temples, Lucknow is known for it's evenings, Shaam-E-Awadh along the river Gomti - Lucknow's lifeline.

As the luck would have it, Lucknow's finest structures are built either along this river, or just near buy. So as the sun sets in the evening, and one happens to be on the banks of Gomti, or boating along, Lucknow's skyline presents a breathtaking view.

Mahatma Gandhi Road runs along the right bank of the river, from old Lucknow in the west to the huge cantonment in east, with the magnificent buildings, and gardens, flanking all along way - this is the right way to start Lucknow Ki Sair.

Last November when I was home, I borrowed a bike from a cousin, and set about the same path. Be it Imamabaras, countless parks, British Residency, Arched Gates, Clock Tower, Satkhanda Palace, Chhattar Manzil, Tombs, HazratGanj - every thing comes on the way.

For you friends, Lucknow Ki Sair has just begin. Hope it is enjoyable.

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