Friday, September 09, 2005

Creativity Khallas

Call it batteries down or whatever - but these days I never seem to have a topic to write.

Like they say, a captive mind is a more difficult situation than a captive body. It seems my personal problems, whatever they may be, are making my mind devoid of any eloquent ideas. A fit case of Bhookhey Bhajan Na Hoain Gopala!

Readers are always intelligent enough to read that, and since matter doesn't seem to be up to the mark - or was it ever - that is getting reflected in the number and the quality of comments. Though, a few loyal ones do make the presence felt, and some stray new ones make customary comments, I won't blame them.

Lack of interest is not the case, but preoccupations is certainly is. There is a haze in personal life which needs to be cleared. Whether it will get cleared or grow thicker, will time only tell. How much time, I don't know. Oont Kis Karwat Baithega, that also I don't know.

However, this blog will stay for time being. I am hoping for the best.