Monday, November 21, 2005

Chhota Sheher

As a prereq to my post, please read this post by Gaurav( Sabnis). There is this minor debate about big city and small city(or town) going on. He states -

A 'chhota sheher' would be 'chhota' if a significant proportion of its young population would be looking to move out from it to a bigger city, for reasons which are not solely employment-related. In these places, there are many youngsters who want to move out, and settle down in places like Delhi, Bangalore, Pune or Bombay, with the reasons not being restricted to just employment

He also goes on to say -

In a nutshell, a big city is a place where people aspire to settle down, buy houses, bring up their kids and maybe grow old, all the while, letting their career flourish..

I find these arguments an utterly myopic crap.

I am painfully residing in "big-city-since-when" Pune, away from my beloved-small-city since past six years. And this is just for employment's sake. I am not enthralled by the big city charms. Not that I consider it yet a big city.

I don't aspire to settle here, but am forced by the circumstances. Politicos back home won't do any thing for the investment. Alumnus like Narayanmurhty's don't give a damn. But I have to earn my livings, and make ends meet. That brings me 1456 km far off from my cozy nest.

Now quality of life.

Please never think that I like a nomad's life living in a stuffy one or two Bedroom-Hall-Kitchen, where your neighbour's don't give a damn about you. I had a nice and spacious five room double story "row house", as they call it here, with a huge lawn and terrace. Not only me, everybody has one there.

I don't yearn for branded bits, but I could get all back home. I am not a Pizza Hut fan either, but do have a better choice of food. I didn't have to drive through 20 to 40 km to reach places. Bicycle mostly did the trick. And there were no killer vehicle up after me, looking for the kill.

I, a small towner, played at better playgrounds, studied at equally good schools, graduated from a better college, and am doing a job as good as you might have done.

And yes safety. People there haven't exactly lynched me. That explains it.

So please don't ever presume about the luxuries of big cities. They are all misplaced. One day, if I ever lived to see the day, I will settle back in the small city I once lived in. And there are many like me.