Friday, April 07, 2006


Why is that it is always a stubborn idiot, who presides over the much important HRD Ministry. Before this, there was a erudite Murli Manohar Joshi. Now there is a foolish Arjun Singh.

The former tried to needlessly infringe upon the brilliantly functioning autonomy of IIMs, but the incumbent has gone way further to his predecessor.

Arjun Singh is trying to dilute the quality itself, and not only of IIMs or IITs, but of the every single University. Giving 27% quoto to OBCs, apart from 22.5% quota to the SCs and STs, it makes the total reservation upto 50%.

I know what it feel likes to live in a 50% quota regime, because courtesey Mulayam Singh, Uttar Pradesh already has 50% reservation in the colleges since 13 years.

The bad thing about this whole affair is that as per law once a reservation figure is reached, it can not be lessened. Also, nobody dares to lower fearing a washout during the elections.

Mr Chidambaram, and Manmohan Singh have been crooning about 8% growth. They should tone down the prediction to half of that amount now.

Sickening vote politics!