Sunday, March 30, 2008

Idiot Box

Two years back it was Himesh Reshamiya who had caught some of our imagination and subsequnetly, much of our irritation. At then, he was omnipresent, omnipotent and at times, appeared ominscient too.

Mercifully, he thought he had done enough on music and singing, at least for time being, gave himself a new life, and so to us, by moving on to the thrills of acting, and we lived to see another day - until now, that this.

I don't know if you too have observed that this time Katrina Kaif and Khali are the most visible and popular irritants of the television these days.

Former is all over the place. She is literally in every movie made and song featured. She either smiles or blushes or rolls her eyes for every type of expression and emotion. As soon as one changes the channel, it is she again or a song from Jab We Met. I don't mind the song at all.

Khali is getting either free or paid publicity these days. Primarily Star News & Aaj Tak, and Zee TV to a lesser extent, are running private home network of Khali and his family at prime time these days.

So why Khali won or lost, what became of Undertaker, where and how Khali met his wife, what role Ranjit Singh plays, and whether or not Khali's height is increasing - it is all there daily.

For tail piece, let's talk about MTV. These days it is a rarity of sorts, and a private celebration in my household, when we actually see a song in this channel. They seems to have hit road and pit these days.