Tuesday, September 07, 2004

To Ma'am With Love

Though Teacher's Day belongs to every teacher, because in a sense each one of them are involved, one or the other way in building our personality, but there are a few teachers whom we owe more than the others. While others do their job, some actually go beyond their brief. Apart from being knowledgeable, they are so selfless, loving and friendly, that even Dr. Radhakrishnan would be proud of them.

Not only me, but most of my class mates would remember Ma'am Pramila ManSingh. She was our English teacher in IX and X standard. She was one of the reason which made those two best years of my life even better. She was barely six or seven years elder to us, and was very thin. She had a very pretty, friendly smile. I still vividly remember the day when we became friends.

She had barely taught for a few days, when one day we came to know it was her birthday. She brought some Cadburys for the class, and the moment she opened the packet, almost whole class swarmed her. I some how remained at my seat and waited for others to finish. I had already given up on idea of getting the sweets, when to my pleasant surprise, she threw one of the toffee towards me when already there were many still swarming her. That day I knew, she was special.

She handpicked me to be my guardian teacher, visited my place often. She gave special attention to my pathetic English, introduced most of us to good English books. Her class used to be a good friendly atmosphere. She was very understanding of our crushes, and even tried to play match maker for some. Apart from being caring, she was very intelligent as well.

She made a very hard effort to decipher the meaning and significance of the tough poem - The Captive Air of the Chandipur by Jayant Mahapatra. This poem was in Panorama and was prescribed for our boards. It went over the head of most of us. Even the poet himself had no idea why he wrote that poem, but she made it possible for all of us.

There many such incidents, which made her special. She will always be there in a part of me. A very Happy Teacher's Day - Ma'am. We all love you.