Friday, April 29, 2005

Acting In Songs

Often, it's been observed that many actors while enacting a particular scene situation give their very best effort, but when it comes to perform in a song, they don't seem to be even half as involved.

A song is not all about dancing. In fact, it's like another scene which has to be enacted well. It's more about expressions, less about Thumkas. But not many actors have realized that. Directors and choreographers are at fault too. Two extreme examples - Dharmendra and Jeetendra.

The former hardly ever looked relaxed in his most of the duets. He seemed to be petrified of the whole situation. Remember Sathiya Nahin Jaana Ki Jee Na Lagey or Jhilmil Sitaron Ka Angan Hoga. Such a beautiful song situations ruined by our stone faced macho.

Jeetendra, on the other hand, overdid them. He jumped, and hopped, and bobbed through all his songs in the latter part of his career. Watching the songs of Tohfa, Himmatwala, Justice Chowdhari has always been a hair raising experience. I think someone misguided him on his dancing virtues.

Well, the numero uno, once again, is the master himself - Amitabh Bachhan. Nobody enacts a song better than him. The facial expression, the body language - just perfect. He made the song watching a more pleasurable experience. The audience's eyes never leave him in whichever frame he his, and the songs are no exception.

One can feel the soul and emotion of the song on his face, giving full justice to the efforts of the singer, lyricist and the music director. To showcase this, I will take up three songs of his from the different spectrum of the emotions.

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves ... -Amar Akbar Anthony
We all remember this song for Amitabh's various polysyllabic punctuations, like - 'You see the coefficient of the linear is just a position( or juxtaposition) by the haemoglobin of the atmospheric pressure in the country' in between the song. Well, these gibberish lines were the innovation by Amitabh himself. Amazing, like him, isn't it ?

The whole song is so fun-filled because of this man. Jisey Meri Yaad Jab Chahey Chali Aaye. Well well, many a ladies would have loved to do that. This song works like a Paracetamol to my headaches.

O Saathi Rey, Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jeena ... -Muqqaddar Ka Sikandar
This guy actually sang the whole song through his eyes. The pain was so palpable in his eyes, that it was literally flowing. And it swamped away the complete audience with it. He concentrated the whole body language to his eyes and lips. While lips were quivering, it were the eyes which did the whole talking. This man was in some pain, and he didn't live without her, did he?

Ek Roz Mai Tadapkar, Is Dhil Ko Thaam Loonga ... -Bemisaal
A Bemisaal song from a Bemisaal film. And Kamal Ke expressions. Those who have only heard this song would assume this one to be a romantic number with the leading lady, while in reality, the lady in the song is a vamp, and the emotions portrayed by Amitabh are dual and contradictory.

When he is in front the lady, he emotes fake love, while when he his behind her back, he emotes hatred, and desires vengeance. And that comes so easy to his eyes. The diametric change in the emotions is effortless, and like he mentions in the song - Lekin Jubaan Ke Badley, Ankhon Se Kaam Loonga - he does all that with those life like eyes.

Of course, there is a wicked smile of his which only we know is wicked, not the lady. Then there is this cold expression, only for the camera, which runs a chill through our spines. Fantastic acting!

One thing I am sure about this man. Had he been a classical dancer, instead, he would have been as popular as he is as an actor. Just because of facial expressions and body language. They speak volumes.