Friday, April 01, 2005

Google No 1

Google has been sending some weird queries to my (blog's)door. Not that Google can be entirely blamed. People themselves have been feeding strangest of the queries to the search engines. There is a limit to which these engines can cope. After that they give up, and land them to unsuspecting us!

Its always interesting to observe the keywords which are queried. Some are looking for "confusing poems", while others are keen on "mujra pics" and "shaadi pics." A few khaney-ke-shaukeen wanted to see "aloo tikki chaat pics." Many are interested in "personal information about rahul vaidya." He is the hottest search these days. A very few also care for "irritating aditi paul."

Prying people want know "why hema malini is making out with dharmendra" or about "kim sharma nose job." Someone even looked for "abhishek bachhan's sister." At one point "mandira bedi, noodle straps" were fairly popular.

Heavy stuff like "symbology and cryptology" is also in demand, while a few ladies, I guess, are very interested in "dilwaley punjabi." Perhaps I should send them to Deepak. Though, I never understood why anyone would enquire about "parthiv patel's diwali."

But yesterday, I had the most weirdest of the search queries ever landing to my blog, and that's what prompted this post. This is the string which was googled yesterday :

"what happens if you forget to write the section number in an english paper in an icse examination year 2005."

I sighed. You, like your google search, are screwed, my dear, what else! That's my answer to this.