Friday, April 14, 2006


Mourning Rajkumar fans, and there seemed to be quite many of them, paid "homage" to his departed soul by burning cars, damaging shops, beating people, and even lynching a hapless policeman to death.

This has baffled me no end. It was a bit understandable, though only a bit, to resort to such a insane behaviour when he was kidnapped by Veerappan. But why the heck at his natural death? Whose fault was his death from the cardiac arrest? He himself surely, and perhaps whoever cooked his food all these years!

And if one is so upset with the death of someone, the most one can do is kill oneself! Why inflict your agony upon others to the extent of killing someone, destroying someone's livelihood, or damaging someone's property. If have the guts, then do all these stuff on yourself!

These extremities always worry me, and so does the larger-than-life portrayal.

When Jayalalitha was imprisoned, a few zealots burnt a school bus which carried small children killing many! At the same time you would have temples of Khushbu, Mamta Kulkarni and Sania Mirza. Bangalore would be under riots for five days on the issue of Kannada and non-Kannada movies!

I bet, all you have to do is land a Tamil/Kannada/Telgu movie! Either there will be a temple of your name or you would be a Chief Minister! Nothing less! Take your pick - NT Ramarao, MGR, Amma Jayalalitha, and even Karunanidhi is from the industry!

I mean these are trivial issues, why should normal public suffer after that. I have seen similar sentiments, though no where near of this magnitude, for Mayawati and Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar!

This blind faith blinding the people, but please spare others who have nothing to do with all this!