Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thanks to everyone for the wishes. Lots of stories to tell, but paucity of time. Interesting story from Air Deccan again. Boy, this airline continues to boggle me time and again.

Aryan is having a ball. He doesn't mind going to any one. All he loves is lap, and it could be of anyone. Age, sex, caste, colour, creed no bar.

Weather is fantastic. I was expecting frigid cold, but it is very plesant as Sanguine had predicted.

Lucknow is going great guns. Its raining malls and multiplexes here - after Waves and Saharaganj now we have Fun Republic, Shopper's Stop, Westside, Magnum Mall, and Singapore Mall. More are in pipeline. Skyline is changing very fast.

More on them later. Presently, I am hungry for some delicous food, and I know I am at the right place.