Monday, April 23, 2007

Phir Wohi Talash

I think during 1989-1990 or thereabouts, we had this tele-serial called Phir Wahi Talash telecasted at Sunday noons, and directed by legendry Lekh Tandon.

It had basically two love stories - first one a triangle between a subdued Ashwini Kumar, lovely Poonam Rehani nee Sarin, and a young ravishing Himani Shivpuri( this before she picked up weight ). This one was tense, surreptitiouss love story involving strict dad of the girl. Believe me, in case you don't remember, the by-default nasty looks of this dad would have paled our Hindi films villains in comparision.

But we liked the chori-chori set up. It looked so real similar to our own crush stories. My only grouse was the fact how come a lovely dame like Poonam Rehani could have anything to do with that hopless Ashwini Kumar.

The other was the chirpy & lively open romance between Salim miya and Shehnaaz. Don't remember the name of that dashing guy who played the Captain Salim(he was in the DON remake too), but sweet Shehnaz was definitely Nilima Azeem. She was the best friend of Poonam, and his so lovely father was fellow Lucknowite S. M. Zaheer.

Both the stories complimented each other perfectly, but somehow in the end serial lost its control. It had a lovely tital song sung by Chandan Das which I wanted to share.

न जी भर के देखा न कुछ बात की
बड़ी आरज़ू थी मुलाक़ात की

कई साल से कुछ ख़बर ही नही
कहाँ दिन गुज़ारा कहाँ रात की

उजालों कि परियां नहाने लगीं
नदी गुनगुनाये ख़यालात की

मैं चुप था तो चलती हवा रुक गयी
ज़बाँ सब समझते है जज़्बात की

सितारों को शायद खबर ही नही
मुसाफ़िर ने जाने कहाँ रात की

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