Monday, May 05, 2008

Gunda Raj

Raj Thackrey is worried about the Dada-Giri of the North Indians. I will give him a little peek at our DNA.

By default, any north-indian with scruples doesn't indulge in Dada-Giri. However, for the incorrigible guttersnipes like you (either by way of birth or upbringing), we have a special method called instant gratification, when law makers fail.

In the aforementioned method, perfectly common place family folks like me turn into instant messiah of justice. What then follows is a nice little session of unceremenious, but serious public flogging. I have seen many autowallas running amok here like you and your ilk have been for a past couple of months. They too get away with all this hooliganism.

Not so in north. During your previous visit to Delhi you were just heckled by the journalists. That was comparatively sissy on their part. With kind of reputation you have gathered, do not venture next time for it will be a revelation for you. You might call that Dada-Giri, later.

Even otherwise, do not leave Mumbai. You have a protective shelter here in terms of your goons and patronising fathers. However, in north, slightly more degree of law of land exists there. When that's missing, then there is instant gratification. Anyway, your are too coward to even pretend your agression there.

Just one last point. My extravagant use of phrase "north indian" may suggest a chauvnism of your kind, but its not so. I don't have any such pride for geographical location. I love my roots, but won't hate you just because you don't share same roots.