Monday, November 22, 2004

Met Rohit yesterday, after a gap 4 long years. Had last seen him during 2000 Diwali break. The time, it seems, has fast forwarded since then. He got married to his sweet heart, Shruti, and now has a beautiful daughter, Muskaan, who else. Father he is, but he hasn't lost his boyish charms, yet.

So even if I was tired because of journey, yesterday evening was a refreshing one. Had a nice, long Bulla (means Chat, an IIT-K lingo) session over the dinner. My room was a virtual chat-server during college days. Chat sessions used to stretch till 4 in the morning during weekdays, while weekends often were complete night outs.

We relived all that in short span yesterday. More such sessions are on cards till he his here in Pune. Looking forward to great times ahead.