Thursday, August 18, 2005

Maulana Fadruddin

Maulanas(Fadruddin) of Darul Ulema of Deoband have issued yet another Fatwa(to hell with the Supreme Court notice).

It says - a Muslim woman cannot run for elections. If she has to, it should be under extremely rare circumstances. That includes she should do so by her husband's permission, and that she should be under veil through out.

Reasons given are twosome and quite articulate. One is Islam, as always, and the other is a biological one. Prepare yourself.

Islam does not allow women to come in contact with a Gair-Mard without veil. Before and after getting elected, this is quite difficult.
The other reason given unabashedly by the Maulana is since 'Aurton Mein Mardon Se Kam Aqal Hoti Hai'(Woman are less intelligent than men), it would be catastrophic for the society as a whole to be ruled by them!

Now what do we do of such Maulanas ? My suggestion - pack them like sardines in huge jumbo jets. Air drop them in the forsaken slopes of Hindukush in Afghanistan, where they can unite with their Talibani brethren.

I promise you both Islam and we would be in peace then onwards.