Tuesday, June 13, 2006


What a yaaawwwn, yaar! Fought hard not to catch a wink, surprisingly so, for I am not a guy who cares for a siesta!

There is literally no pace, excitement in the movie, and is full of factual and logical defects.

If there were only one or two faults, it could have been passable. But virtually the whole movie is littered with them - God knows who wrote the story, who directed it, and who was the editor.

Kajol's character is so desperate that she falls for a cheap Shayari speaking, road side Lafanga(seemingly) in the very first meeting. Not only she, even her giggling friends, her teacher - every one.

She is so desperate to the core that she decides to sleep with him even when he himself told her that he is a self proclaimed Lafanga! And then she says she doesn't have anymore expectations.

On hindsight, I could guage why was she so desperate. It was in her genes. Her mother was even more desperate. Amazed to find a broad minded Muslim family in the secludes of Udhampur asking her daughter to find a match for herself in Delhi.

Then some eye-blinding ailment which could not be treated five years back, can be treated now. Medical since never made such fast progress in my life!

Then the poor girl was made to travel to another hospital(or same ) immediately after her eye operation and dressing removal. A real doc would have told her to stay put or else patient won't be able to tolerate so much light so early after the surgery. Even a cataract operation patient wears a green clothed spectacles for a good two weeks.

And where is she taken? To the morgue! And what is she made to identify - a dead body? Nope -a hand made pull over by her. What the heck? If only that was to be shown, why couldn't they bring those stuff to her hospital bed.

And please, no body wears a Taaweez or a locket in an Operation Theatre. Every single piece of jewelry is taken out.

Again after the terrorist hullabaloo, and Amir's tearing off Kajol's photograph to pieces at a swanky airport, for the effect, as everybody guesses - they meet again.

Surprise, Kajol is not able to recognize his voice, though she does get "Jaane Pehchane Si" feeling after touching him. Another surprise Kajol feels attracted once again. Despo!!!

Then there is a Toofan outside in which, though, one can sing and dance but can not go out or Indian army can not launch a combing/search exercise. They can't even show terrorist's photograph early enough on television, and even when they showed, they didn't show the name.

They(army) are even more dumber than this. An imposter replaces another kidnapped captain and nobody is able to catch that.

Even though radio signals were sent by Aamir from a particular house, they could not ascertain the location of the house, but when Kajol sent them, they were able to get the location.

And now comes the dialogues. The most horrible part of the movie. Remember those seventies movies when a few dialogues use to become the theme dialogues of the movie, and used to get repeated many a times.

This movie took big on this idea and particularly the two dialogues got on my nerves - "Ab Tumhey Darr Laga Hoga", and "Ehsaan Aapko Jitna Pyar Kerta Hai, Aap Ehsaan Ko Itna Pyar Nahin Kertin".

Let me try to find any good points of the movie. Ok, Kajol was good. She looked good like any Yash Chopra heroine(excessive cleavage show were unnecessary), and acted effortlessly. Aamir was ok in first, and good in second half. No other character is worth talking about.

Music is good especially the opening and the title song. Rest were Ok. Cinematography was good too. But as you see all these things are support cast, and they alone can't make the movie watchable. Script - that is story, screenplay, and dialogues have to be good - which unfortunately were not.

Yash Chopra might have made money - but the days of Lamhe, Chandini and DDLJ seem to be well and truly over.

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