Friday, February 02, 2007

Just as I was talking about pleasant weather here, it started raining outside, preceeded by a small thunder storm. The missing chill re-surfaced and together with rain and thunder, it destroyed the ongoing reception ceremony in the neighbourhood.

I pray to God for not doing an encore on 8th of February. I have been familiar to this situation during a cousin's marriage many years ago, and it was absolute mayhem.

Now on the happenings. I have been doing shopping and more shopping - both Shadi and personal. Both at Hazratganj and Aminabad - winter sale is the flavour of the season. And not to forget drop dead offers of Big Bazaar and Vishal Megamart. Just pilfered a Blue Oranze pullover at the mouthwatering discount of 70%.

Have already paid homage to Kebabs at Tunde Kebabi and Chat at Royal Cafe, and still many favourite haunts to visit.

Aryan has ignored the chills and has already visited his Nana-Nani. The apple of my eye, is cynasoure of everyone's attention.

More later.