Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Pune has always been the city with strange weather. Barring rainy season( which is quite pleasant), temperature fluctuations are very sharp whole of the year.

Days would be hot from Sept to Nov; very hot from Feb to May. Nights would always be cooler, and most of the times fluctuation would be as large as 20 degrees in centigrade. Predictably, those who are not accustomed, have a perpetual running nose, round the year. Fear of viral fever or Upper Respiratory Tract is always lurking.

Of course, the heat or cold is not as extreme as it is in the north of Vindhyas. Loo, the typical north Indian wind, is also conspicuous by it's absence, and I am grateful to Pune for that. But I sorely miss that gulabi sardi, which can only be tackled by rui(cotton) or dui(duo).

The chill at night, the fog in the morning, nothing is there. Enjoyed those bonfires at night, with family members breaking into a chat. It feels so lonely over here. Then trudging away to school in our blazers, with that unmistakable clattering of teeth. Used to love all of it.

Heard that the winters have descended early, this time. Looking forward to, hopefully, a cooler Diwali.