Monday, October 18, 2004

Some more Holy Shit! Bloody groundsmen have given up, and the match has been well and duly called off. The richest cricket board does not even have the facilities to clear the puddle. They had to use lungis and hankies to dry the ground. All the ground need is some fish.

These idiots are involved in petty fights amongst themselves, and don't provide enough money to cover the whole ground with Tarpoline, leave alone the modern drainage system and mopping facilities. It was shocking to see only 3/4th of the ground being covered. I remember, even cash-strapped Zimbawe using a Helicopter to dry the ground.

Man of the Match should be Parthiv Patel. After all he played for both the sides. The Chepauk ground should let remain open for Patel to practise keeping while fishing. He will need it because the assholes which the selectors are, have selected him again for the next two matches. Some guys have all the luck!

This has been the worst kind of anti-climax possible. The first match went to umpires, second to weather and Patel; third will go Nagpur, while God only knows what will happen to Mumbai match.

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