Friday, November 26, 2004

This Is Life

She had the most beautiful face I had ever seen in person till then. A young bride, all twenty three, and extremely fair. She and her doctor husband were our new tenants. Though her husband had shifted earlier, she walked into our house a few weeks later, on Diwali day.

And we were all mesmerized. Her husband had jokingly warned us that she is a nakchadhi. She was all but that. Her background revealed that she hailed from a super rich family in Varanasi. Her family was obliged to find a doctor groom. On the face of it all looked fine, but we felt there was something amiss. She was not all that chirpy as usual newly wed brides are.

The only time we could see joy in her eye was when she was with us. She felt at home with us. Within a few weeks, the haze lifted. Doctor was struggling with his newly started practice. His family was not a well doing one. Worse still, there was a constant pressure on him to ask for money from his in-laws. Not that his in-laws hadn't already paid them. The demand was for more.

Then we came to know that the doc wanted to marry a fellow doc. These were the reasons enough to indicate why the she usually looked blank. But she had adjusted well with the difficult times. She never complained, and strived hard.

I had barely returned to college after a semester break, when I got a call from home that doctor has committed suicide. It was a mix of money and love affair. They had just celebrated their first anniversary, and to top that, she was pregnant. Her life was shattered. I cursed the doctor aloud.

But here was the more ugly part. His family members arrived in hordes and started planning to marry her with his younger brother while the dead body was still lying in the hospital. They did not wanted to loose Soney Ki Chidiya. My mother acted fast, and quietly shifted all the jewelery and cash to our place. When her family members arrived, my mother gave everything to them and asked them to leave with her fast.

Later she gave birth to a daughter. We use to feel very sad for her and didn't know what future is instore for her. But this time, when I was at home in Diwali, I came to know that an engineer boy saw her in a family function and proposed for marriage. She is now happily married and is United States.

That is life for you friends.