Monday, January 24, 2005

Scream Awards

So the farce has begun. First of the award series, The Star Screen Awards were aired last Saturday. If you thought Filmfare Awards are biased, then watch these ones to redefine the intensity of the word bias.

Otherwise, how could one give the Best Story and Best Dialogues award to Veer Zara of all the movies. Whatever happened to Maqbool? Abbas Tyrewala and Vishal Bharadwaj must be feeling mighty pissed off right now.

And one look at Shahrukh Khan's over smiling face gave me enough idea that he is going to get the Best Actor Award. I felt for poor Hrithik on his fabulous performance in Lakshya. I swore not to tolerate these awards that long, but before I could retire, there was this Priyanka Chopra getting Best Performance in a Negative Role making hash of the Irfan Khan's performance in, again, Maqbool.

The Chief Guest, the current chief minister Mr Vilas Rao Deshmukh and his son were also appeased by giving Best Performance in a Comic Role to Ritesh Deshmukh ignoring Arshad Waris in Hulchul.

For a change, Rani was a correct choice for Best Actresses and Best Supporting Actress. Though Best Supporting Actor was a tricky one between Abhishek Bachhan & Pankaj Kapoor. I wouldn't have mind either of them getting it.

What made the evening more ridiculous was the fact that Express group kept on harping on the fact that during the start of the show that these are the only awards which are selected by an august jury. Than there was these neta speeches from Star TV CEO Peter Mukherjee, Indian Express chief Editor Shekhar Gupta, Screen India Editor Ma'am Somaiyya(I don't remember the first name, arrg), and Jaipal Reddy.

I remember that virtually the same stuff was repeated by both the editors(Shekhar & Somaiyya) which they had spoken last year. Jaipal Reddy bored us so much that I almost dozed off. And it was surprising to know that Screen was 50 year old magazine. Never bought one. Never ever saw of it much in the stands either.

I wonder whatever little money they make by selling it, they fritter it away in a sham like these awards.