Thursday, February 24, 2005

Why Rahul Vaidya Is Out Of Indian Idol ?

We all know he was the best amongst all. He sang better than the remaining of them. He was singing good consistently. Even then he lost out to dark horses like Abhijeet Sawant and his ex-room mate Amit Sana. Why ? The answer may not be a simple one, but it's not impossible to guess either.

First of all, let's be assured that public is not going to vote on expertise because they are all but that. They may vote on 'perceived performance', vote their hometown boy, find the contestant cute or charming, they may not like contestant's attitude or any silly reason others may never know. So there is some or other emotion attached while voting.

However, one thing is sure that if the voting is done solely on the perceived performance, more often than not right candidate would actually win as there are no biases coming into play. But if it's anything else there would be a hotchpotch. This is called Halo Effect, i.e., judging someone not on the basis of one's ability but some other personality trait.

Rahul Saxena was ousted as a result of this hotchpotch. He was good enough to deserve a position in Top 3. People voted every one with their own criterion, but in the complacency left out him. He was lucky that Farah Khan was senti on him, and gave him a break in her new movie - Happy New Year.

Giant killer, Ravinder Ravi's miraculous run, to the shock of many, was continuing due to his emotional appeal. He was poor, a painter, and lived in a hutment. People wanted to change his life.

Special mention for Aditi Paul. She was a decent singer, but she tried to hoodwink people by making faces(which I found extremely irritating). But then she made a cardinal mistake. She tried to advise people that "Sangeet Saraswati Hai, Humey Uska Apmaan Nahin Kerna Chahiye" because she was disappointed by the fact Rahul Saxena was booted out. Since then, I knew her days are numbered.

Prajakta Shukre's soaring graph ran out of steam because it was evident she was not performing well. Her mother's scowling look each time she landed in bottom three didn't help the matter either. Eventually, she was booted out.

Rahul Vaidya's exit was due to multiple reasons as well. First he, like Prajakta, peaked too early, though unlike her, he kept the level of performance high. In contrast, Abhijeet and Amit kept on improving their performance with each episode. Second, he kept on pigging back on Sonu's voice and songs, despite Farah Khan's warning. He should have experimented with other singers' songs because he had the ability.

Third and most important point was his attitude. Initially, he had an air of supremacy. When judges warned him, he started wearing fake humility which stood out like a sore thumb. In the second round when he had to perform together with Amit Sana, and judges criticized them for the want of understanding, he blamed everything on Amit Sana.

Later when Farah Khan requested for his own voice, he became visibly angry. The last nail in his coffin was struck by his over confident dad. He announced in the previous episode that he was totally confident that his son is Indian Idol. And lo, he was gone. Now he his blaming his loss to betting syndicate. Anyways, he has signed a 20 lakh contract with Sony TV.

Both Sawant and Sana are not only good singers, but they are humility personified. Their smiles are doing as much trick for them as their singing ability. And we all know that. To succeed in life, one needs a lot more than mere ability. Luck, for one, and humility the other. Look at Amitabh Bachhan, and you don't need to go beyond .