Monday, March 21, 2005

Heard this on television. Sunny Deol, in his glorious tribute to his dad - Dharmendra, said something like this. Please brace yourself for the worst.

"Now coming to Sholay. If dad wasn't there in the movie, Sholay would have been a very 'dry' movie".

My ears could hear nothing else for a short while after that. Why? Kyunki Mere Kano Se Dhuan Nikal Raha Tha.

I know Deols is a very closely knit family. They all have nothing but praises for each other. And I love to see such a close binding together between father and sons; although dad's bigamy, and elder son's adultery is highly despicable. But tell you what, even I couldn't imagine such a blinding love. Even fabled Shrawan Kumar would pale in comparison.

There is no doubt that Veeru did a fine a job, but how come such a senior actor who has given some really fabulous performances in Arjun, Ghayal etc can give such a irresponsible, shooting-from-the-lip stuff. I mean this was not some petty dialogue from Gadar, it was suppose to be a serious statement.

Tomorrow Javed Jaffery might pitch in - "Leave aside dad Jagdeep, Sholay was a drag" or some grand son of AK Hangal might make public his take that "Without Dadoo, movie was bland".

Didn't Idiot box have enough idiots working for it or watching it that they are feeling need to import more of them from Cinema ? Yeh Sannata Kyun Hai Bhai!

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