Friday, March 11, 2005

What's Wrong , Sachin?

If media is to be believed, whole nation yesterday exhaled a collective gasp of disappointment (source TOI). If Sehwag could be believed, whole Indian team was dejected(source SIFY). All these heart aches are due to our much adored Tendulkar's missing his two records.

By missing century, he couldn't exceed Gavaskar's tally of most centuries in Test Cricket, and by scoring 121 runs, he could have reached his, now much elusive, 10000 runs.

I was neither left gasping, nor dejected because I don't give a damn about it. I don't miss his record, I miss his game. The truth is that this is happening much too often. He takes too much agonizing time on the crease these days; more so, whenever he is reaching a milestone.

I am not sure, but some considerable time back a few petty idiots had blabbered that Sachin doesn't play Test Cricket as it should be, and lo, he begin to grind at the crease, curbing his natural instincts. This is leading him no where, but he is not learning from it. I am not giving any advice, but this is a fact.

This had happened when Dravid had to declare even before he could reach his double century just because he was marooned for quite a long, inexplicable time in 190s against Pakistan. His previous two innings against Aussies were similar too(241* & 60*). Ditto was the story against West Indies at Kolkota an year earlier( 176), and against England another year earlier( 92 & 193).

The last time I saw him playing his natural game was against West Indies(, the fifth Test) at Kingston in 2001-2002. He scored a swashbuckling 86 in second innings, and that too had come after a looooong time, and there has been no repeat performance since then. It is so unfortunate that with the ascent of Sehwag in Test Cricket, we have seen great master's descent.

He must realize that these tennis elbows, crushed toe bones, and trouble some backs won't allow him a very long run in Cricket now; so whatever opportunity he gets, he must make a full use of it. Mustn't leave it for next time. Till then, I won't care for records. I just want to see him play his natural game. Records are besides the point.

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