Thursday, April 14, 2005

Movies, DJ & Weekend

My movie watch list for the coming months goes like this:
- The Rising
- Kaal
- Bunty & Bubbly
- Lucky - No Time For Love

Of which, I have finished off the last one previous weekend. It was a timepass because of beautiful St Petersburg, lovely music, and a fresh narrative, albeit a bit slow at times. Sallu Mian has a good sense of humour and screen presence, Mithun Da comes as comic relief, and Sneha Ulal is a beautiful doll who, thankfully, can act.

The two differences I could make out between her and her look alike are that the giggles are missing and that she can act. Though directors were terrible on her by making her speak like that.

The highlight of the weekend was my rendezvous with a fellow blogger in flesh and blood for the first time, and that too with the master story teller Deepak Jaiswal. It was one of the most enjoyable evening and to write the details, honour should go to him. I can't do justice to that with my limited writing skills.

All I can say is that I had gone to meet one nice person, and in the bargain I met three. His elder sister and brother-in-law were great hosts, and I almost ended up talking as much to them, as DJ. Over to you Deepak.