Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I'm Lovin' It

They came to conquer. They always did. And that made them cocky, almost to the brink of rudeness. Then as always happens, their mouth started talking honest shit. Their captain turned into philosopher. A few of them turned part time columnists to wax their eloquent. They proclaimed from the roof tops that they are lonely at the top.

Well, from the top one can only fall. And what a fall from grace. Especially, when you make all the wrong noises and lose focus. The once snooty proud nose droops to become humble. The mighty is all left with a badly bruised ego.

No points for guessing it's Australia we are talking about. First the pathetic loss to England in Twenty Twenty Cricket. Then, loosing miserably to Somerset, a second division county team even after scoring a 342. Next was the shocking defeat to Bangladesh, the biggest upset since Cameroon shocked Argentina in the opner at Italia Football World Cup, 1990. The Roger Miller of this match was talented Mohammed Ashraful. Finally, another loss to England the very next day.

Hey, this is not "Aussie like". Neither was that catch dropped by Gillespie which only Kumble could have drop. Nor is that regular missing of run outs by Ponting & mates. The "Baggy Green" is loosing its sheen it seems.

Nothing wrong in losing. Perhaps, that will bring them to ground, and also the local media. And surely, they will learn to win with their mouth shut. Of course, nothing can make Glen McGrath shut up. Talk about Kutte Ki Tethi Poonchh!

Australia may still come back with vengeance, Bangladesh may still not win next fifty matches, and England may not win Ashes another twenty years. But this very moment - I'm lovin' it.

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