Thursday, August 25, 2005

The UP-Bihar Syndrome

Continuing the popular trend of blaming the Siamese twins UP-Bihar for every ill this country suffers from, here is one more reason to blame them.

According to metrological department, the excess rainfall in Maharashtra and Gujarat has resulted in less rainfall in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Had weatherman been 'Mee Mumbaikar' Bal Thackrey and Pritish Nandi, or 'Save Maharashtra' Parimal Sondawale, he would have twisted the above piece of news, and paraphrased it as following -

The less amount of rainfall in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar has resulted in the excess rainfall in Mumbai, hence causing those unfortunate floods.

A bit too cynical, I guess, but I have made my point: If India looses a Cricket match, blame UP an Bihar and breathe easy.