Monday, May 15, 2006

We live in such a times that people don't even require a mouth to blab. They can easily talk through their hats.

The same has happened with the reservation cat which has been set amongst the pigeons. Every Tom and his uncle in the political ciricle has been giving his opinion in its favour, with BJP giving just a blink-and-miss dissent.

The only real protesting voice has been industries' till recently. Now we have these medicos joining the band in the stupid way at the cost of poor patients.

But now lets talk about the ironies of politics.

First we had former Commerce Minister, and current finance minister Mr. P. Chidambram smiling and giving the glorious examples of Tamil Nadu which has 69% reservation in education. But then he was the same person who painstakingly supported the DMK's Rs 2/Kg rice and free colour TV proposal.

The we had former Finance Minister and current Prime Minister exhorting the industry for the reservation for backwards and SC/STs in the industry.

Yesterday, we had current Commerce Minister Kamalnath threatening the industry for forming a law regarding the same. Friday it was the cement industry. He really seems to be in his elements these days.

The biggest idiot of all has been a Planning Commission member(don't remember his name), who has been giving the most ridiculous sorts of reasoning which can ever be expected from someone in his position.

He will give you percentage of backwards, and then try to justify the reservations. Then he will go on to give weird definition of merit. If I were to extend his logic, then tomorrow there would be reservation amongst artists like writers, actors, painters and who not. I bet he got his position through reservation itself.

Left is not even worth talking about. They live their labour unionist life even outside the factory campuses. They are the worst disease ever happened to Indian politics.

The person I hated second most amongst the congress camp(after, of course, Mani Shanker Aiyyar) - Kapil Sibbal has been a pleasant surprise. He has protested, but since then has been muted by the party. Nevertheless, this will help bolster his image in my eyes.

All said, and done - I think reservation is here to stay. I wouldn't have mind it in government organizations because they hardly can go worse but in professional colleges, and industry, its going to hit hard.