Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Maiden Rendezvous

Wanted to call it- The Golden Rendezvous, borrowing it from that famous Alistair MacLean novel, but finally settled down to- The Maiden Rendezvous, since, I was meeting with Muskaan(maiden), and so with her mother- Shruti, for the first(maiden) time.

She was waiting for us in her mother's arms, but was not so amused at the sight of strangers. Howwever, then she caught fancy to the flower bouquet, and soon that radiating smile appeared on her face. The first battle was won, but she still wasn't coming to my arms.

Well, it had been a long time since I had become a Ghoda, and it was time to do that again. The trick worked, because one ride on my back, and we became friends. She gave us company at dinner, chat, and even sang some sort of song which only she could understand. My camera shutters were busy all that while. She was in no mood of sleeping, and had to be forcibly taken away for sleep by Shruti, well past eleven.

Not even nine months, and she already knows how to compel her parents to submit to her demands with her mock crying and anger. And of course, she loves herself in mirror, and spends a lot of time in front of that. A true blood girl.

Every above moment was so special. May be every child does that, and every normal person enjoys that. So did I. I remember that most enjoyable portions of Ramcharitmanas are Bal Kand, and Sundar Kand.

My line of the month was when Shruti said that a room emits a special glow whenever flowers are kept there. I said that glow is not due to the flowers, but due to Muskaan. Needless to say that the rendezvous was most satisfying, and I am overwhelmed.