Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Loaded Crap

Close on the heals of Sunny Deol dishing crap on Sholay, here comes another one, this time by Indian Express talking loads of hogwash on Amitabh Bachhan.

Please read this article - Is SRK the greatest ever? written by some Harsh Dugh. Like their award ceremony - Screen Awards, their journalists and articles have also gone insane.

Shahrukh's better than AB ? Comparison never starts. It's one to ten simply Amitabh. King Khan plays Sharukh in every character, while Amitabh playes the character. Tell you what, I personally think even AB's baby is a better actor than Shahrukh. Before you head for my throat, just compare these two performances on similar characters and you would agree.

Abhishek's portrayal of a migrant UPite/Bihari in Yuva and Shahrukh's portraying of a Bihari in Karishma Kapoor's starrer Shakti( Ishq Kameena, remember?). Former was so real life while latter was so ridiculous. He couldn't even get the accent right.

And yes, please enjoy the comments as well. They are funny and insightful. One thing is sure - the newspaper has been successful in getting hits it wanted. Shame Shekhar Gupta, shame.