Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Len Den

Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar' tells us about Len-Den of life!


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Friday, April 14, 2006


Mourning Rajkumar fans, and there seemed to be quite many of them, paid "homage" to his departed soul by burning cars, damaging shops, beating people, and even lynching a hapless policeman to death.

This has baffled me no end. It was a bit understandable, though only a bit, to resort to such a insane behaviour when he was kidnapped by Veerappan. But why the heck at his natural death? Whose fault was his death from the cardiac arrest? He himself surely, and perhaps whoever cooked his food all these years!

And if one is so upset with the death of someone, the most one can do is kill oneself! Why inflict your agony upon others to the extent of killing someone, destroying someone's livelihood, or damaging someone's property. If have the guts, then do all these stuff on yourself!

These extremities always worry me, and so does the larger-than-life portrayal.

When Jayalalitha was imprisoned, a few zealots burnt a school bus which carried small children killing many! At the same time you would have temples of Khushbu, Mamta Kulkarni and Sania Mirza. Bangalore would be under riots for five days on the issue of Kannada and non-Kannada movies!

I bet, all you have to do is land a Tamil/Kannada/Telgu movie! Either there will be a temple of your name or you would be a Chief Minister! Nothing less! Take your pick - NT Ramarao, MGR, Amma Jayalalitha, and even Karunanidhi is from the industry!

I mean these are trivial issues, why should normal public suffer after that. I have seen similar sentiments, though no where near of this magnitude, for Mayawati and Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar!

This blind faith blinding the people, but please spare others who have nothing to do with all this!



Monday, April 10, 2006

Jab Khuda Meherbaan...

...To Gadha Pehelwaan!

Virendra Sehwag has been declared the captain of India. Nothing personal, but it really pains no end.

I bet if Leander Paes starts playing Cricket, he will do it better than the fatso. A game is not merely about the skill, it is also about the attitude and passion.

A passion, a resolve for anything can overcome any hurdle, be it hurdle of technique, or injury, and if this passion is about winning for the country, then almost everything is possible.

This is just what Leander Paes did yet another time for the country. Down with the cramps and fatigue, he still pounced at the Pakistani in the final set. Of course, he used his brains too, to conserve his energy. This match was for me one of the most cherished ones I have ever seen.

Why only this, I have grown up on the abundant doses of the marathon career of Leander Paes. Each match he won or lose is a cherished one. His passion on the court would ooze out of the television screen. A shout of "Leander" had almost become a second national anthem.

No other sports person in this country shows such fighting skills, when the chips are down, as Leander does. He is always ready to fight his guts out, when it comes to country. Medals at the olympic vouch that. Only Rahul Dravid comes close in terms of commitment.

His passion for the country made him a giant killer in Davis Cups. The first match he played, way back in 1990, was a doubles one, partnering with seasoned Zeeshan Ali. It was against Japan in Chandigarh and we won it despite loosing the first set, and believe it or not the last and the fifth set was won 18-16.

I still remember that match vividly, and this young man was a revelation. Zeeshan, I heard switched to golf, and this man hasn't looked behind since then. That started the era of giant killing of higher seeds which took some time to end.

His first humiliation was of a more-gas-less-substance Jeremy Bates of Great Britain. It was followed by crushing of Jakob Hlasek of Switzerland in singles, and then defeat of Marc Rosset in doubles. Multiple Davis Cup winner Switzerland was defeated in the first round of World Group!

Then came the big one. In the quarter finals, India defeated France. It was my most memorable Davis Cup tie. He defeated much celebrated Henri Leconte, and then went to annihilate higher seed Arnaud Boetsch. Even in defeats against United States, Leander took one set against both Todd Martin, and Jim Courier.

Then came the match of his life, when he took the winds out of Goran Ivanisevic, after being two sets down. That's Leander for you. Croatia was ousted. But story was not over. Now it was the turn of Netherlands to bite the dust. Leander swept past Jan Siemerink.

India did lose to Sweden, but Jonas Bjorkman had to battle for five sets against our hero. Nicholas Kulti could also escape by just a whisker. Against Czech republic, Jiri Novak was defeated, while Petr Korda was given a run for his money.

His other memorable battles includes overcoming of Gabriel Silberstein of Chile, and stretching Marcelo Rios to four sets. Then there was a five setter cliff hangers against Greg Rusedeski, and Tim Henman. What more, even Andy Roddik was made to lose the trademark first set.

Unfortunately, Virendra Sehwag neither has brains, nor passion. And he has been declared the captain of India, when he should have been kicked out. Kudos selectors.

I just remember the song of film Gopi-

Ram Chandra Keh Gaye Siya Se
Aisa Kaljug Aeyga
Hans ChugeGa Dana Ghun Ka
Kauwa Moti Khaiga

So apt. We all know who is Hansa, and who is Kauwa.

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Friday, April 07, 2006


Why is that it is always a stubborn idiot, who presides over the much important HRD Ministry. Before this, there was a erudite Murli Manohar Joshi. Now there is a foolish Arjun Singh.

The former tried to needlessly infringe upon the brilliantly functioning autonomy of IIMs, but the incumbent has gone way further to his predecessor.

Arjun Singh is trying to dilute the quality itself, and not only of IIMs or IITs, but of the every single University. Giving 27% quoto to OBCs, apart from 22.5% quota to the SCs and STs, it makes the total reservation upto 50%.

I know what it feel likes to live in a 50% quota regime, because courtesey Mulayam Singh, Uttar Pradesh already has 50% reservation in the colleges since 13 years.

The bad thing about this whole affair is that as per law once a reservation figure is reached, it can not be lessened. Also, nobody dares to lower fearing a washout during the elections.

Mr Chidambaram, and Manmohan Singh have been crooning about 8% growth. They should tone down the prediction to half of that amount now.

Sickening vote politics!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ek Ashirwad

Dushyant Kumar blesses us with this one.


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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ishan claims it is a true incident. If it is so, then it is ironical, but if it is a fiction, then don't blame me if you laugh your guts out.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Read It Lately

Stock Market is a place where people with experience meet with people with money. In the end, people with experience gain money, while people with money gain experience.