Monday, April 30, 2007

Kaane Raja Oonkh Dogey ?

Kaane Raja Oonkh Dogey ?

Oonkh is SugarCane in Sanskrit. The phrase is a Hindi proverb which means using derogatory words even while asking for a favour. An incident similar to this happened to me in the morning.
A young man rings the bell, and is probably handicapped with Polio.

Man: Sahi.
I(perplexed): What?

Man: Sahi! Shows a paper.
I: Oh, signature.

Man: Our society president **** Uncle has asked this document to be signed.

I was about to sign when he explains me about the some donation for his studies because, though, he is handicapped, he is a meritorious scholar(he showed me 86% marks somewhere on the paper).

Though I was slightly miffed because he told me about this at the last moment, but still decided to help him.

Suddenly, he dropped a bomb shell!

Man: Aap Kahan Se Ho, Uncle?
I(coldly): What is your correct age, Merey Laal?

Man(slightly taken aback): 25, Kyun ?
I: Even if you were 20, I wouldn't qualify as your uncle.

Man: I am
I: You better be. I am from Lucknow.

Now he drops another bomb shell.

Man: Punjab Se?
I(disgusted not for the first and last time): Jaaney Do Dost. Mujhey Office Bhi Jana Hai.

Still gave him 50 bucks, and closed the door.

I have found these two generic problem over here. Uncle and Aunty is the most abused word, and they have very twisted sense of Geography.



Monday, April 23, 2007

Phir Wohi Talash

I think during 1989-1990 or thereabouts, we had this tele-serial called Phir Wahi Talash telecasted at Sunday noons, and directed by legendry Lekh Tandon.

It had basically two love stories - first one a triangle between a subdued Ashwini Kumar, lovely Poonam Rehani nee Sarin, and a young ravishing Himani Shivpuri( this before she picked up weight ). This one was tense, surreptitiouss love story involving strict dad of the girl. Believe me, in case you don't remember, the by-default nasty looks of this dad would have paled our Hindi films villains in comparision.

But we liked the chori-chori set up. It looked so real similar to our own crush stories. My only grouse was the fact how come a lovely dame like Poonam Rehani could have anything to do with that hopless Ashwini Kumar.

The other was the chirpy & lively open romance between Salim miya and Shehnaaz. Don't remember the name of that dashing guy who played the Captain Salim(he was in the DON remake too), but sweet Shehnaz was definitely Nilima Azeem. She was the best friend of Poonam, and his so lovely father was fellow Lucknowite S. M. Zaheer.

Both the stories complimented each other perfectly, but somehow in the end serial lost its control. It had a lovely tital song sung by Chandan Das which I wanted to share.

न जी भर के देखा न कुछ बात की
बड़ी आरज़ू थी मुलाक़ात की

कई साल से कुछ ख़बर ही नही
कहाँ दिन गुज़ारा कहाँ रात की

उजालों कि परियां नहाने लगीं
नदी गुनगुनाये ख़यालात की

मैं चुप था तो चलती हवा रुक गयी
ज़बाँ सब समझते है जज़्बात की

सितारों को शायद खबर ही नही
मुसाफ़िर ने जाने कहाँ रात की

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Aryan Antics

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With time, Aryan has developed a few exercises of his own. These are Push Ups which Aryan regularly attempts. I guess to compliment his good looks, he also wants to tone his muscles.



Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Of Vandals & Punishment

This is in reference to a few incidents which happened in Mumbai during the last few days.

First incident involves the attack on the property of Star News, and other one is actually a series of similar incidents - a group of hooligans riding on their motorbikes on the Mumbai streets at night and smashing the car windscreens, & windows and also painting graffiti on the walls(recently they did that on Shahrukh Khan's bungalow) - ala - Flight Club movie.

First incident is to terrorize, and second one is just for kick.

They are not the isolated ones. Burning Deccan Queen in revenge of desecrating Baba Saheb's idol, destroying Singhania Hospital just because a local Shiv Sena leader died there after the accident etc etc.

Unfortunately, in our country these incidents doesn't seem to be crime enough. Police is either plain corrupt or politically influenced, while judiciary is slow & inefficient. Witnesses can be shamelessly bought, and proofs recklessly destroyed. Meaning hereby - justice is either delayed or simply denied.

These hooligans know that sooner or later they will be running scot free.

So what is the solution? Personally, I think two things. 1 - Will power to prosecute. 2- Swift action. Incidentally, one of our fellow Asian country has shown this.

I remember an incident which happened in Singapore in mid 90s. There was an United States national in his late teens who painted and smashed some of the cars in Singapore just for small fun. He got caught and swiftly sentenced according to the law of land - 200 cane hits on his back side!

Then started the protests. Human right activists said it was inhuman. Western media cried hoarse against the decision - it was harsh vis-a-vis the crime. Even the then US President Bill Clinton requested Singaporean government for the leniency.

Well, 200 cane hits is what he got in the end. They were firm and quick in action. A leniency or pardon would have set up the tradition.

That's the way. First set up the law, and then follow it to the W. But India, we take lawlessness in our stride.



Monday, April 16, 2007

Arey Baba

Courtesy Baba Ambedkar's Jayanti, Aryan, his Mummy and myself got stuck for more than one hour in traffic jam at 40 deg centigrade Sun. Why don't any of these celebrities born on 29th of February!

Moreover, we had went over to collect our Sahara Airline ticket, and the jerks were closed owing to Ambedkar Jayanti ! Now that Jet Airways has bought them off, their days of Matar-Gashti are gone!


Rahul Gandhi shoots from his hip. Not only he creates diplomatic embarassment for the country, he doesn't know much of his Indian history either. Perhaps he might score better in European history. Beta Rahul, contrary to your mis-utterances, one of your ancestors - great granddad to be precise -had a great deal of hand in dividing this country too.



Friday, April 13, 2007

Greatest Fools

We all have heard about the Wisest Fool - Mohammad Bin Tuglaq, who, according to his merit, took some very wise decisions as a ruler, but most of the back fired due to lack of foresight.

First he wanted to rule his empire centrally, and therefore he shifted his Capital to Daulatabad(Tuglaqabad), near Aurangabad. He order the whole city to shift. There was no planned shifting so everything went haywire, and meanwhile his kingdom was attacked from the North.

He also tried to change the currency to more cheaper and tradable from gold to copper, but the enterprising that we are, we were no different even then. People started making their own coins. Poor chap to had to revert back to copper.

So we could see, his ideas were noble, but implementation was shoddy.

Lets talk about the Greatest Fools - the UPA Government. The Child Welfare minister in this Government - Mrs. Renuka Chowdhari (one of the most notorious turncoats of our time along with Ram Vilas Paswan, Ajit Singh Chowdhari, Vidyacharan Shukla) who has simply slept over her current and previous ministry for these many years, and has also been reprimanded for the same, has suddenly developed a bosom deep concern for the children of this country.

And in the undesirable fit of this newly developed emotion, her ministry is about to bring an act which will punish those parents(and anybody else) who gives corporal punishment to their children. Punishment would include fine, and possible imprisonment up to 7 years!

A visibly beaming Renuka Chowdhari, after regaining the long lost media lime light, waxed her eloquent on the topic yesterday on TV. With the regular hitting, the child gets traumatized. It affects on his/her emotional and social development. Blah Blah Blah Blah.

At first, this law has the potential to get extravagantly misused the way Schedule Cast act and Dowry act are regularly being done to settle scores, just because our Police is corrupt and Judiciary is inefficient.

Now just answer for us a few questions -

a) Suppose a parent hits their child, and the get caught, is tried and sentenced to 7 years(or whatever) of imprisonment, then what happens to that child ?

-Who will take care of him?
-Won't child's present and future be affected?
-Earning Parents will lose their job, then who would feed the child?
-Who will fund the schooling?
-Who will maintain the child's current lifestyle?
-What if he fells into bad company?

b) If everything remains equal, and we theoretically assume that police manages to nab all the culprits hitting their children, then almost 90% of Indian parents would land in prison. That will mean about 50-60 crore people.
-Where will you put them?
-Where are so many courts to try them?
-What if they all appeal to higher courts?
-What if your Police and Judicial machinery harasses them due to rampant corruption present? -And of course, the question #1, what happens to the kids?

Stumped? Well take a cue from countries like Switzerland, where already a system is in place, especially, when the complete ministry is showing the tell-tale signs collective failure of mental faculty.

For such habitual and non-habitual parents, the first step should be counseling(like drug users). They shouldn't be put with and treated as heinous criminals upfront, like you have advocated. Then the repeat offenders should be handed over moderate punishments like community service like teaching and monetary fine which would be used only for child development.

The imprisonment, if at all, oughtta be last option, but not before state provides full social security to children. This system is still not in place.

Greatest Fools.



Thursday, April 12, 2007

Save Ram Setu

In Satyug, engineers in Bhagwan Ram's Sena Nal & Neel created a bridge between India & Lanka. Earlier, the Samudra was very trubulent, so Ram Chandra Ji had to pacify it by setting up Shivling at Rameshwaram.

While setting up the Patthars for the bridge, brothers Nal & Neel found that stones jus won't float. It was then Hanuman Ji came with the idea of righting Ram Nam on those stones. The trick worked, and Ram Setu was able to finish.

But after some 3500 years, this bridge in trouble. They want to destroy it to facilitate Sethusamudram project. Currently, it is not in someone's priority list as a Tajmahal or Redfort is. Please read these two posts by Praney on the topic and you will have an idea.

Someone has even filed a PIL against it(



Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Lakshman Rekha

The Executive Machinery of India is seeing RED. The DMK and its cronies, the LEFT brigade are hopping mad. Why? That's because of Judicial Activism shown by the Supreme Court of India.

So that day, our Manmohana preached that Judiciary should not cross Laxman Rekha. Sad that PM didn't see that most of his ilk in the Parliament - The Executive - have been sitting line-crossed ever since in their lives. They all are law unto themselves, and had not been Courts and Election Commission, they all would have ran amok.

Not that they are not already doing that. They have scant concern for country's citizen and development. They are most shameless in their most unlawful acts. And of course, they are incompetent too. Including you, lately.

When Election Commission and Supreme Court tried to rein in the Gunda elements - the 6th Tatva in your DNA - all the tooth-and-nail fighting parties came in cahoots with you against that suggestion and passed a law against it, as if they all were Chaddhi friends.

The sadder part is that you don't even have the knowledge of the constitution that there is no such Laxmna Rekha, and even if there is a conflict between Judiciary and Executive, Judiciary's view shall prevail.



Thursday, April 05, 2007

Aryan Learns To Smooch


Albeit it has happened quite early in his life, but nothing can be done now. The story goes like this.

Till a few days back, his show of affection use to translate following course. He would raise his hand to beckon me, and then he would feel my face with both hands.

By now, he has realized that I might kiss him next. To reciprocate the feelings, he had learned to opens his mouth. Then I would plant a smacking kiss on his open mouth. Often, he would not remove his mouth for many seconds.

But God has given children phenomenal brains.

This guy realized that though we are kissing each other, Papa does something more - the smacking sound. Puuuchchch! And he wanted to do that himself too.

So that day when I was kissing him gently on his lips, he started blowing air out of his mouth with lips closed. Like Ppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. When I took away my lips, he stopped doing this. When again I kissed him, he did the same.

I was shocked! He was trying to smooch! Now he does it regularly whenever we kiss him. These guys learn fast. And learn naughty too.

Why not - at the age of eight months these infants develop 500 trillion of neurons. The neural network is developing is pretty fast.

Poot Ke Paanv Palne Mein Dikh Gaye Hain.



Monday, April 02, 2007

Hi !


Its very hot here in Pune!