Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Terminal

Bracing against the capacity Ganpati Visarjan crowd, last weekend I saw Steven Spielberg's The Terminal. Don't know about the others, but I would give it to the movie because of the two reasons - the concept and Tom Hanks', as usual, terrific performance.

The cast and crew are half borrowed from the director's previous venture - Catch Me If You Can. The director, lead actor, cinematographer and one half of the screenwriters are the same.

The story line is though simple, yet holds the audience together. The sub plots are feel-good, mushy types - sometimes give the impression of some sitcom sans background chuckles.

An airport's transit lounge is a world in itself. Hanks has played the character of a middle-east native, who knows little English but has sharp brains for his innocent face. He is stranded over there, literally penniless, and has to survive. The way Hanks has performed, one can really feel the character's predicament. He virtually lived the character.

Chief airport officer don't want him there; Hanks is a crisis in his affairs. Stanley Tucci does a brilliant job here. But there is airport crew which helps him in small ways. A newly developed camaraderie between Hanks and them is enjoyable.

The only glitch in the story line is the romantic angle. It seems Catherine Zeta Jones had no business being over there as her character and sub plot is very loosely built. Got bored during those encounters, but thankfully it was not carried for too long.

In the end, a nice movie. Those two hours were well spent. Don't miss it, never mind if it's a flop in US.

A Poem by 'Bachhan'

Till now in my blog, works by legendery Harivansh Rai 'Bachhan' have been conspicous by their absence. His works have been much read and publicised, so it's highly likely you may be well versed with them. Still, we can refurbish our memories.

This poem is special. The philosphy is age old - How not to dwell on past, but treatment is original. It's difficult to believe that he has done MA and PhD in English, rather than Hindi.


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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Things We Can Do - A Gazal

A few lines of this Gazal by Nida Fazili were used in a song of movie Tamanna. Very simple, yet eloquent.

Apanaa Gam Leke Kahin Aur Na Jaaya Jaaye
Ghar mein Bikhari hui Cheezon Ko Sajaaya Jaaye

Jin Chiraagon Ko Hawaaon Kaa Koi Khauf Nahin
Un Chiraagon Ko Hawaaon Se Bachaayaa Jaaye

Baag Mein Jaane Ke Adab Hua Karte Hain
Kisi Titali Ko Na Phoolon Se Udaayaa Jaaye

Khudakushi Karne Ki Himmat Nahin Hoti Sab Mein
Aur Kuchh Din Yoon Hi Auron Ko Sataaya Jaaye

Ghar Se Masjid Hai Bahut Door Chalo Yoon Kar Lein
Kisi Rote Hue Bachche Ko Hansaaya Jaaye

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(De) Graded Payments

The BCCI has recently announced graded payments. The players will be divided in three categories ( on performance ), and would be insured a fixed amount, apart from match fees. Nice concept.

Different categories were necessary because, during a particular year - Sachin and Debashish Mohanty received similar amount of money form the board, the latter had hardly played or performed. After last World Cup, Parthiv Patel and Sanjay Bangar both received 67 Lakhs each - the same amount paid to other players , despite not even playing a single match. Same was true for Dinesh Mongia, who hardly performed.

The fixed amount was important because key players lost out on big money because of injuries. Kumble, Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh are the examples. Now, even if they are injured, they will still get some money.

But what went for the toss was the choice of players for the different categories. They were hardly on performance. Most blatant case is against Sehwag and Harbhajan. Sehwag is on the list was just because of two innings - 309 and 196. For the rest of the games, he was honeymooning. Harbhajan's inclusion is even more perplexing. He was out due to injury for both Australia and Pakistan series, so he has hardly done anything good or bad.

It's very important we differentiate between outstanding, average and poor. There is always a chance that we might mis judge people either by recent performances( and ignoring the previous ones earlier in the year) or by Halo effect( ie not judging a person on his actual performance, but rather going on his over all persona). My categories would be as following.

Category A:

Rahul Dravid(Excellent)
Irfan Pathan(Excellent)
Sachin Tendulkar(Excellent in WC, good in Aus, avg. in Pak)

Category B:

VVS Laxman( Good in tests/one days in Aus, good in Pak in tests, avg in one days, poor other wise)
Kumble( Excellent in Aus, avg. other wise)
Sourav Ganguly(Good in WC, Good in tests/one days in Aus, Good captaincy, average otherwise)
Virendra Sehwag ( Bad WC, Good in Aus and Pak in tests and avg. in one dayers, bad other wise)
Yuvraj( Good WC, avg. Aus and Pak tour, bad otherwise)
Kaif( Good WC, avg. Pak tour, good ICC/ Natwest trophy, bad otherwise)
Balaji(Good Pak tour, Bad Asia Cup, avg. otherwise)
Nehra( Avg. over all).

Category C:

Akash Chopra( More than avg., but played less matches)
Harbhajan Singh(Hardly played )
Zaheer Khan(Hardly played or performed)
Agarkar(Apart from one test in Aus nothing to brag about)

No place for Parthiv, but of course. No place for Karthik either, till Kumble and Harbhajan are around .

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September Rush !

This is not about journeys, rather, it's about birthdays. September used to be a festive month for more reasons than one . Many of my wingies have their "Happy Birthdays" falling this month, and which, during college meant more parties.

Aise hi hain ek humarey Sharma Ji. He is special. He loves reading, though he never bought a newspaper at the college, and always read my newspaper. The collection of books( technical, non technical, fiction, whatever) he has is phenomenal. Their transportation cost between any two places, by any mode, far exceeds the transportation cost of Mr Sharma himself. And the collection is ever increasing. His approach towards everything is no-nonsense.

Excels in whatever he does, his GRE score had hit the roof. Cornell to Cambridge, he has been to everywhere. He is also a master in TT, Badminton and Cycling these days. He can write a complete volume on "How to lose weight in no time", an I am sure it will be a best seller. Had he himself not sent those photographs, I wouldn't have believed it was him. One last thing - the phrase "Sharma ji with ladies" is a bit of oxymoron. Neither of them enjoy, each other's company, though exceptions are always there.

Happy belated birthday Dr Ishan .


Recently, I had talked about the two Srivastavas. One with the specs again, is a September product. Well, what to say about him. The safest thing which can be said about him is that in contrast to Ishan, he is an out and out ladies man ( that's what a two day difference between the birthdates can do). They all accept it, both married and unmarried. Always the one to remember their birthdays, phone numbers and chat ids. Having impressed many with his words, he has a good command at both English and Hindi. You can always expect a terrific one liner for any situation, though sometime they may sound a bit statement like.

With experience, he has now become a GOD in Antakshri, and during his recent visit, I had to literally shoo him out, as it was already two in the morning. As the other Srivastava - Nandu would say, he can be more often than not found in the kitchens. Ever homesick, and he is always an indulgent nostalgic - like me.

Many happy returns of the day, Saurabh.

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Friday, September 24, 2004

Mixed Bag

Of poems, that is. Two different works. One a Hindi poem, other one a Gazal. Ek Boond is by famous poet Ayodhya Singh Upadhyaya 'Hariaudh'. Had read it at some point of time during schools. A simple but very pertinent poem. The same can be said about us humans.

The other one is a Gazal by the great shayar Kaifi Azmi. He has portrayed the dilemma and desperation faced by a lover very beautifully.

Bas Ik Jhijhak Hai Yahi Haal-E-Dil Sunaane Mein

Bas Ik Jhijhak Hai Yahi Haal-E-Dil Sunaane Mein
Ki Teraa Zikra Bhi Aayegaa Is Fasaane Mein

Baras Padi Thi Jo Rukh Se Naqaab Uthaane Mein
Woh Chaandini Hai Abhi Tak Mere Gareeb-Khaane Mein

Isi Mein Ishq Ki Qismat Badal Bhi Sakati Thi
Jo Waqt Beet Gayaa Mujh Ko Aazamaane Mein

Ye Keh Ke Toot Padaa Shaakh-E-Gul Se Aakhiri Phool
Ab Aur Der Hai Kitani Bahaar Aane Mein

[jhijhak=hesitation; zikr=mention; fasaanaa=tale]
[ruKh=face; naqaab=veil]

My Previous Post On Poems - Ratri Varnan

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Outsourcing To Pakistan

Read the front page story in TOI today. Mushy baby has claimed that since, Pakistanis speak better English than Indians, therefore, outsourcing should happen to Pakistan, instead. Guffaws and chuckles aside, had he demanded this outsourcing stuff in favour of the services he provided during recent US excursions, it would have made sense; but then, making statements is what Mush has excelled in. Let's see why it is a mere statement.

To keep the things for our study simple, let's look at the players of both the cricket teams. As far as the Indians are concerned, the only one uncomfortable with the language is Virendra Sehwag. Zaheer, Kaif, Bhaji, Pathan and Nehra are mildly uncomfortable, but it doesn't become obvious. They look ok when being conversed. Dravid, Sourav, Kumble, Yuvraj, Sachin, Laxman, Balaji and Agarkar are completely at ease.

In current Pakistani side: Rana Naved-Ul-Hasan, Youhana, Inzamam, Afridi, Sami and Razzak are extremely uncomfortable, much more than Sehwag. Imran Nazir, Yasir Hameed and Farhat are as uncomfortable as Sehwag. Malik and Moin Khan are ok, while Shoaib Akhtar is at ease, though he shows off more than what he actually is.

Pakistan looks pale in comparison.True, that sampling is small, and not random. But it gives a fair bit of indication. Literacy in India is 65 %, Pakistan's figure stand at 52 %. In India, English is most widely spoken second language , followed by Hindi. English is more useful as a lingua franca; the usefulness of Hindi as a lingua franca is regionally limited. In Pakistan, Urdu and Punjabi are the languages for this purpose. English is a poor third.

English is fluently used by 6% percent of populace in India, while that number is 4% for Pakistan. On absolute scale it means that about 6.5 crore of Indians and 60 lakhs of Pakistanis. That sums up the situation.

Mushy baby should stop day dreaming. It's only plain which way would the BPOs go; to the state which is headed by a finance professional or to the state which is headed by military professional.

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Srivastava & Srivastava

I always thought these cartoonists take undue liberty with our noses. But just look at the lovely smiles both the gentlemen are flashing. Ashu and Saurabh are amongst the most eligible bachelors in our group, never mind their receding hair line.


Respective parents have decided it's high time to get married (not with each other - hell!) but alas, that is not to be. One hardly remains in India, while other has the problem of plenty, giving their folks a torrid time. And to add to the woe, there are others waiting in the wings.

Even though the Bachelorhood index is getting severe jolts, by each passing year, amongst both the my school and college friends - the waiting list still very long.

Meanwhile, aap sab ki nazar mein agar koi susheel, sundar, kayashtha kanyaain hon to avashya soochit kerein.

Night - In Words

A beautiful description of the night in the words of Padma Bhushan, Maithilisharan Gupt. He was a heavyweight of Khadi Boli, and kept words very simple and straight. Bharat Bharti and Saket are his famous works. Bestowed with exclusive title of Rashtra Kavi, he was also the first nominated member of Rajya Sabha(1952-1966).


What a description! Especially, from a person who never went to school and had is formal teaching at home.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Gazal - Ali Sardar Zaafri

These are two short but beautiful poems by Ali Sardar Zaafri, the famous poet and lyricist. He had received Gyanpeeth(Jnapeeth) Award for the year 2000. He died shortly after.


Sirf Leharaa Ke Rah Gayaa Aanchal
Rang Ban Kar Bikhar Gayaa Koi

Gardish-E-Khoon Ragon Mein Tez Hui
Dil Ko Chhookar Guzar Gayaa Koi

Phool Se Khil Gaye Tasavvur Mein
Daaman-E-Shauq Bhar Gayaa Koi

Gam Kaa Sitaaraa

Meri Vaadi Mein Woh Ik Din Yun Hi Aa Nikalee Thee
Rang Aur Noor Ki Behti Hui Dhaaraa Ban Kar

Mehefil-E-Shauq Mein Ik Dhoom Machaa Di Us Ne
Khalvat-E-Dil Mein Rahi Anjuman-Aaraa Ban Kar

Sholaa-E-Ishq Sar-E-Arsh Ko Jab Chhoone Lagaa
Ud Gayee Woh Mere Seeney Se Sharaaraa Ban Kar

Aur Ab Merey Tasavvur Kaa Ufaq Roshan Hai
Woh Chamakati Hai Jahaan Gam Kaa Sitaaraa Ban Kar

[Mahafil-E-Shauq = Gathering of Love]
[Khalvat-E-Dil = Solitude/Loneliness of the Heart]
[Anjuman-Aaraa = Person who adorns a meeting]
[Sar-E-Arsh = Seventh heaven]
[Sharaaraa = Spark]
[Tasavvur = Imagination]
[Ufaq = Horizon]

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

On Polluted Minds

Was reading this article in Indian Express. After going through the article, I went on to the comment section. There is one Miss Kalawati, who regularly comments in IE. Most of the times comments are so hatred filled, I just fail to believe that there could be such stupid, hateful and zealot people around. IE, to it's credit, never filters her idiotic comments, just to encourage the debate. Just that in NDTV, Shekhar Gupta, along with Rajdeep Sardesai becomes epitome of communal harmony.

But that's a different story. Today, Miss Kalawati made most idiotic comments of all time. If I was not in a foul mood, I would have pitied on her. Read her exclusive comments below, and try to imagine how dirty a mind could be.

Dependence on Muslims

Shame on selectors for not giving a chance to Balaji and Kumble and totally relying on Pathan who after all can not be trusted on the crucial matches like the one we had yesterday. He took three wicket in the early part of the game just to secure his position but gave away the required runs to pakistan when Indians were strugling to protect runs. Ganguly being an stupid captain trusting a lot on Kaif and Pathan. Though out of form at the moment, Sehwag, Laxman and Uvraj have proved their telents many times in the past and will start performing once again very soon but these muslim players should not be given chance specially when playing against Pakistan as their hearts are always with them. Jai Hind

Posted by: Miss. Kalavati, India, 21-09-2004 at 1112 hours IST

God save the country !

Mad Rush !

Two-Three years back,during Diwali, I wanted to book myself a railway ticket from Lucknow to Kalyan in III AC, Pushpak Express. I had contacted the agent a day before the day reservations were to start. When the agent reached reservation counter by 11 o'clock - status was already 25 waiting. I cursed the agent aloud for his late-lateefy by 3 hours, and had to travel in sleeper.

This Diwali, I again wanted a ticket for same route,train and class. Reservations started today, and this time I didn't want to take the risk of the agents. I reached the reservation office at 7.30( well before stipulated 8.00), without even having a tea. My number came bang at 8.10, and to my utter chagrin, the clerk, with his sheepish smile, informed me that it was 3rd waiting ! I could not beileve it. Disappointed, I had to change both the train and starting point of my journey.

This mad rush for the Mumbai has rendered even a two month old reservation effort as Tatkaal. What is more surprising is the fact that, now there is one more superfast train which runs between Lucknow and Mumbai(albeit at alternate days), but still the situation is same. Festival, VIP quotas, touts are the reasons behind it.

Pushpak Express has to be the busiest train I have ever traveled. All those Luckhnawis, Kanpurias and Bhopallies will certainly agree with me.


The freewebcounter which I have used to log the visitors on my web page tells me that Ashutosh Gowarikar's Swadesh is one of the most widely searched keywords at the search engines. So people, including me, are very much looking forward to the movie.

But as far as the promos are concerned, they are a bit dampener. The movie is supposedly is based in early 1940s. But looking at the Aircrafts, Buses, Bajaj-MATs, Shaurkh's jeans and neatly ironed shirts - it doesn't seem to belong there. Probably, Ashutosh is missing Amir, and his attention to details.

The least they could do is perform better editing at promos level, so that they don't look loose as they are looking now. Otherwise, movie might loose the battle even before the release. He must know that most of the movies flop either at writer's or at editor's desk.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Max - Deewana Bana Dey

Another dubious feather on SET Max's much feathered cap. Not only dubious, this time it's hilarious too.

After the much disappointing match between India & Pakistan was over, Sanjay Manjrekar caught hold of three Pakistani players - Rana Naved-ul-Hasan, Yousuf Youhana, and Inzamam. So far it was fine, but what shocked the hell out of these guys was that Manjrekar started asking the questions in English.

Now, we all know that these guys did not have much to do with English, till now. Even Ravi Shastri use to ask questions in Hindi/Urdu with Inzy.

But Manjrekar would have none of this. Despite all of them woefully failing to express themselves, Manjrekar continued. The worst situation was of Rana. Probably, he was not even able to understand what was being asked. To end his misery, he deliberately said "Thank You very much", but Manjraker ignoring him asked four more questions!

How much ever I tried, I could not help but laugh. At the same time, I pitied on the senses of Sanjay Manjrekar for putting those hapless guys in an embarrassing situation. Not a sweet way of avenging the match loss !


Well, that time of year has arrived. In Maharashtra, it's time for festivities and colour. People are happy and cheerful, and atmosphere is electric. Mandals and Jhankis can be seen all around, and one can't help but admire.

It's my fifth year in this state, and it's only plain that this deity and festival holds a special place for the people over here. Festival or no festival, Ganpati is all pervading, omnipresent. He is in the homes, shops, even aboard the vehicles and of course, in the temples. Temples of other deities are there, but extremely rare.

The belief is very strong and rampant in the whole society. Similar overwhelming popularity can be seen for Krishna, in Mathura, Vrindavan, Brij and the whole adjoining area( Hathras, Agra, Aligarh etc) in western Uttar Pradesh.

Same is true for Ram in Awadh region. Scores of temples can be found in every town and village of Ayodhya, Faizabad, Lucknow (etc) region. But perhaps, they don't match the level of celebration during Ganpati. Durga Puja by the Bengalis can be considered of similar intensity.

The reason behind Ganpati's such popularity is that he is not considered merely as God over here. He is a friend, philosopher and guide for the people. No event takes place without him. And I must say that - encroachment, noise, and extortion not withstanding, I quite enjoy the spirit of the event. Jai Ganpati!

Muskaan Ke Papa

If you thought Muskaan is cute, blame it on her genes. His father is equally cute, if not more. His killer smile, along with his tending-towards-ten CPI were quite famous at and beyond the campus of IIT-Kanai-hi-pur.

The frequent visitors, especially, female, homo-sapiens species can vouch for that. Some were from as far as Lal Bangla, which is no less than 25 KM from the campus. Why his CPI didn't turn out to be a perfect 10 could be another intriguing matter for who-dun-it brigade.

There is a famous story which use to do round at that time. During a multiple choice Physics test at his pre JEE coaching, he marked an answer which was different than what was in the book. The coaching teacher had to confirm with the publisher if they had done some mistake while printing. Just because Rohit Toshniwal had a difference of opinion.

Has conquered and broken more hearts than most of the others. He has had the perfect upbringing one could ever have, and is one of the nicest persons I know. There couldn't be a more sleepy creature either.

Happy Birthday, Rohit! I know you won't mind, even if it is much belated!

My Previous Birthday Wish - Same Day, Another Year

Friday, September 17, 2004

Mind Your Language

Last few weeks, we have seen many a debates going on, about the kind of language used by our politicians these days. The media all over is 'shocked' by their behaviour, but not me. However, I am amused by the content of the debate itself.

Most of the politicians are guttersnipes themselves. This is the kind of the language they usually use at their homes and close circle. It is solely the undue and free publicity by the media itself, which has embolden these guys to show their true colour in public. Media is playing at their hands. After all they have a 24-hour channel to maintain. Both the groups are feeding on each other.

It all begin with ubiquitous Laloo. Who new Laloo 10 years back ? Now we have his histrionics live or recorded, in our living rooms. There is not hardly a day when we don't seem him. He has got used it and quite enjoys the attention. He is proud that people are making movies on his name, and that there is so called research going on him. From amusing histrionics, he gradually moved to abusive stuff. Trust media to have it all on camera. Others have quickly picked up from him. Amar Singh, Mani Shankar Aiyyar, Narendra Modi are other such fellows, and there are many more.

AVB was called Dhritrashtra by Priyaranjan DasMunshi, Sonia was called Gandhari by Vinay Katiyar, while Manomhan was meted with most horrible treatment. He was termed as Shikhandi by no less than ex-Foreign and Finance minister, Yashwant Sinha, and Paltoo by Kalyan Singh). Then Laloo called Amar Singh a Dalal, Nachania and Chirkut.

Debates themselves were no less ridiculous. They were abound with funny and lame explanations. There were claims that names were given for 'respect' and 'fun'. Others opined that they should be taken as 'metaphors', rather than 'literally'.

People like Rajdeep Sardesai, Devang others were having the field day seeing the cats fighting. What they didn't realize that even their channels are guilty of using such languages. Prabhu Chawla, it seems, never went to school. They were also not ready acknowledge that channels also are indirectly responsible in encouraging such utterances. The patented answer is that public wants to see all this, so it's their duty to present.

The same reasoning can be given by the politicians as well. Public wants to see it, so media shows it and that's why politicians say it. This makes an ugly vicious circle. Not sure how to get out of this.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Sardi, Prem, Preetam And A Few Poems

Some more lovely poems by the masters. The first one is on winters, by Nida Fazli. Not really felt in Pune. For others I can't say, but I really miss those winters in North, though I can't say the same about the summers.

The other one is by Maithli Sharan Gupt. In my post Poetic Jewels, I had mentioned a few lines of it. It's another fantastic work.


Freewheeler has sent me another beauty by Kabir.It's his personal favourite. Obviously so.

Preetam Ko Pattiyaan Likhoon
Jo Kahoon Hoye Bides
Tan-Man Mein Nainan Mein
Taapoon Kahaan Sandes

Have tried to make things more reader friendly. Roman notation for Hindi and Urdu sometimes hurt to the eyes. I have also changed the post For Father accordingly.

My Previous Post On Poems - For My Father

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Artist On The Court

At the risk of being repetitive - here is another post on Roger Federer . The other one was almost three months back. At that time he had just won the Wimbledon . If it sounds like a statement, so be it - for Federer, Tennis is not a game - it's a canvas, where he magnificently performs his art.

Leytton Hewitt had come to the finals without loosing a set, and the man lost the first set 0-6 . The third and final set also went away with similar score. Those who have missed the finals have missed something. How much Hewitt would have wished to admire and applaud each and every shot played by the artist; but he hardly had the time for he was at the receiving end. But he didn't let the opportunity go when the game ended.

They all have played Tennis, but to have played this way - I haven't ever seen. Not since 1987, when I had started following the game. Not even since 1974, since when the recordings are available. I am not sure whether he is the all time greatest, but if he continues this way - the day is not far when he achieves that feat.

The only competition he faces is with himself. This is a trifle disappointing that presently, there is no one to rival him. It creates a bit of complacency in him and his game becomes a bit shaky. But even half a good Roger Federer is more than full against the best of the rest. Andy Roddic will vouch that as, this is precisely what happened to him at Wimbledon finals. Roddic was at his best while Federer was at his worst, still the latter won in straight sets.

This way he still wins his game, but audience is at loss. We need a good rival to keep the spark, motivation alive and who knows - we might be in for another Monalisa.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Clumsy Cricket

As we all know, ICC Champions Trophy has commenced amid much fan fare. The event is bi-yearly and eagerly awaited. But fifth day into the competition, and I have begun to have serious doubts whether this is really a 'Champions' trophy. Have a look at the following scores.

Match 1 : England beats Zimbabwe by 152 runs.
Match 2 : New Zealand defeats USA by 210 runs.
Match 3 : Kenya loose to India by 98 runs.
Match 4 : South Africa prevails over Bangladesh by 9 wickets.
Match 5 : Australia crushes USA by 9 wickets.

Only one match lasted for full 100 overs (courtesy India), while Aus-USA match didn't even last for 32 overs. Similar story is going to be repeated today. The picture is very clear. This is a farce in the name of entertainment. The ICC is taking people and sponsors for a ride. Matches are over even before we are back from the office. All we get to see is recording or highlight of previous matches. The matches themselves are hardly competitive as a result whole interest of the tournament is killed. All this is for more money, whatever happens to audience.

As if this is not enough, Sony Set Max steps in. Some people never learn. After pathetic Extra-Innings funda during WC and last ICC trophy - nothing has been done to improve upon that. Charu Sharma, Mandira Bedi, noodle straps, tarot cards - all are still the same. Commentary team stinks. Kris Srikanth, Arun Lal, Tony Greg, Barry Richards are making the experience even more torturous. The only saving grace are Ian Chappel and Michael Slater perhaps.

ICC must wake up and introduce two tier system of tournaments to stop the dilution of the excitement of such major tournaments. Neither it can't afford so many one sided contests for long, as sponsors would start backing off soon nor can we, the audiences, bear this.

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For My Father

Though these are not originally my words, this is what I always wanted to say for my father. Again by Nida Fazli, this is a master creation. Please appreciate.


My Previous Post On Poems - From Panorama

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Monday, September 13, 2004

Very Very Slow

This may sound a bit statement like, but I do believe - it's time to get rid of Very Very Slow Laxman(in LOI). His innings against Kenya not withstanding. I haven't jumped up on the idea in one day. This has been my belief since the day Laxman had cast his aspiration for a place in Indian one day side.

One day Cricket sets different sort of demands from a player. If a player is not exceptionally talented, it may still do - but, if the player is not athletic - he/she stands out like a sore thumb. VVS is not only inathletic, he doesn't work towards improving it. All he looks for is those drives, flicks and pulls. He tries to do that all the time regardless of the bowler or conditions. It never occurs to him that one can take or 'steal' singles too.

His doesn't make use of those Hyderabadi wrists to tap for a single. Not because he can't do that, but just that pacing those twenty yards is too much an effort. Therefore, he looks for shortcuts. He never gives much a thought to 'doubles' and spends more energy in crying 'NO' than actually taking the run. A 'triple' run with him is unheard of. In the process he wastes a lot of deliveries and puts extra pressure on coming batsmen.

Same is the case of his fielding. The only place he can be put is slips. This is not because he is a Mark Waugh or Shane Warne in the slips but due to the fact that his chasing in the field is second only to Nehra.

Laxman reportedly was 'hurt' for being left out of World Cup side. I think selectors took a smart decision. His stay at the crease would have meant lesser deliveries for Yuvraj, Dravid and Kaif. Even Tendulkar feels pressure when he is at the other end. His replacement Dinesh Mongia did great favour by getting out without wasting much of the deliveries in WC( except against England match). With him, I doubt India would have reached finals.

Against Kenya as well, fast scoring was not on till he was there. As soon as he was out, India scored 77 out of just 41 balls. Running and improvisation was at it's best. Laxman can't do either.

Time is ripe to ease Laxman out as soon as Tendulkar is fit, and play with a specialist keeper. He is apt for Test matches only.

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Friday, September 10, 2004

Shifted To Haloscan

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog. Now I can also comment.
Also, yesterday I finally landed a Mukesh casette with the song -Yeh Kaun Chitrakaar Hai . Music to ears.

I will also like to add that I am not able to comment on blogs of Vandy and Arunima ( The top 2 commentors on my blog, incidentally) . Humble request to move to Haloscan and allow me the opportunity.



These are a few Dohe which we have heard at various points of our lives. Time now to revise them. The good thing is that they are presented with very simple metaphors and we get never bored of them.

Bada Hua To Kya Hua, Jaisa Ped Khajoor,
Panthi Ko Chhaya Nahin, Phal Lagey Ati Door

Pothi Padh Padh Jug Mua, Pandit Bhaya Na Koi,
Dhai Ankhar Prem Ka, Padhey So Pandit Hoye

Kankan Patthar Jori Ke, Masjid Layi Banai,
Ta Chadd Mulla Bang De, Kya Behra Hua Khudai

Aisi Vani Boliye, Man Ka Aapa Khoye
Auron Ko Sheetal Kerey, Apahun Sheetal Hoye

Guru Govind Do-u Khadey Hain, Kakay Lagoon Pain
Balihari Guru Apney, Govind Diyo Batai

Mala Pherat Jug Gaya, Mita Na Man Ka Pher,
Kar Ka Manka Chhor De, Man Ka Manaka Pher

Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye
Jo Man Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye

Sukh Mein Simran Sab Kare, Dukh Mein Kare Na Koye
Jo Dukh Mein Simran Kare, Tau Dukh Kahe Ko Hoye


Jo Rahim Uttam Prakrati, Ka Kar Sakat Kusang,
Chandan Vish Vyapat Nahin, Lipitay Rahey Bhujang

Rahiman Vipida Hoo Bhali, Jo Thoray Din Hoye,
Hit Unhit Eeh Jagat Mein, Jaan Paday Sab Koi

Rahiman Dhaga Prem Ka, Mat Todu Chatkai,
Tootey Phir Se Na Milay, Milay Ganth Padi Jai

Ruthay Sujan Manaiye, Jo Ruthay Sau Baar,
Rahiman Phir Phir Poiye Jo Tootay Tootay Sau Baar

Rahiman Dekh Badein Ko, Laghu Na Dijiye Daar,
Jahan Kaam Awai Sui, Kahan Karey Talwar


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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

It Was Raining Cats and Dogs

Most of you might be aware that Pune's rains are second only to Mumbai's. In north, rain is an event. But here, they come and go without a whimper. No thundering of clouds, no lightening and no tiny paper boats on the gushing water either.

The day you thought the season is over and it's time to leave umbrella back at home, get ready for soaking experience. You started from your house seeing a clear sky, half a kilometer while in the auto and the rain is in full flow. Another kilometer, it appears as it never rained.

Sometimes, it is really a funny sight seeing people drenched in water while there is a sun in the sky - just because it rained for a while two signals back.

But what happened in my office yesterday, can add a new dimension to Pune's rains. While we were working on our PCs, water started dripping from the roof on one of the cubicles. Before the fellow could realize what was happening, the 'drip' changed into a 'gush'. The source was a fire alarm.

The water fall continued for about an hour, and in the end it was so much water on the floor that tiny toddlers could have actually swim. People ran helter-skelter and soon all machines were switched of. Machines directly under the water were shifted in no time.

Later it was found that rain water had collected on the upper floor and one of the labourers accidentally banged on the floor with some metallic tool, inorder to clear the water. When he saw water disappearing, he thought water is going into some drain. So he gave two-three more thumps, which resulted in the raining of cats and dogs in our cubicles.

The whole affair served two purpose. First, it was picnic time after 5.30 pm at our floor as all machines were switched off. The other thing was that - it made us realize that it had actually rained outside :-)

Comments On No Comments

My employers are at it again. They have SmartFilters to restrict access to certain category of websites. For a brief period, the had even blocked .

Now they have blocked the comment posting by me. So, I can see what comments people have posted, but I can't reply back. More problematic is the fact I can't even comment on the Blogs of those fellow bloggers, who use commenting facility provided by .

Not sure, how long this will last. But probably, I will switch to a comment handler like haloscan or rateyourmusic. Requesting others to also do the same :-)

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

To Ma'am With Love

Though Teacher's Day belongs to every teacher, because in a sense each one of them are involved, one or the other way in building our personality, but there are a few teachers whom we owe more than the others. While others do their job, some actually go beyond their brief. Apart from being knowledgeable, they are so selfless, loving and friendly, that even Dr. Radhakrishnan would be proud of them.

Not only me, but most of my class mates would remember Ma'am Pramila ManSingh. She was our English teacher in IX and X standard. She was one of the reason which made those two best years of my life even better. She was barely six or seven years elder to us, and was very thin. She had a very pretty, friendly smile. I still vividly remember the day when we became friends.

She had barely taught for a few days, when one day we came to know it was her birthday. She brought some Cadburys for the class, and the moment she opened the packet, almost whole class swarmed her. I some how remained at my seat and waited for others to finish. I had already given up on idea of getting the sweets, when to my pleasant surprise, she threw one of the toffee towards me when already there were many still swarming her. That day I knew, she was special.

She handpicked me to be my guardian teacher, visited my place often. She gave special attention to my pathetic English, introduced most of us to good English books. Her class used to be a good friendly atmosphere. She was very understanding of our crushes, and even tried to play match maker for some. Apart from being caring, she was very intelligent as well.

She made a very hard effort to decipher the meaning and significance of the tough poem - The Captive Air of the Chandipur by Jayant Mahapatra. This poem was in Panorama and was prescribed for our boards. It went over the head of most of us. Even the poet himself had no idea why he wrote that poem, but she made it possible for all of us.

There many such incidents, which made her special. She will always be there in a part of me. A very Happy Teacher's Day - Ma'am. We all love you.


Yeh Kaun Chitrakaar Hai

There is a beautiful song from a movie called Boond Jo Ban Gaye Moti. It was directed by V. Shantaraam, and was Jitendra's second movie. It must have been more than half a decade that I have heard this song. I could not find it's audio cassette in Pune, and myriad of damned music channels on TV never show it. It was the good old radio, where I had heard the song last time.

Music was composed by Satish Bhatiya, lyrics were beautifully done by Bharat Vyas, and was hummed by vintage Mukesh. If some one has it's audio file, you can do me a favour by sending it to .

At least, we can enjoy the lyrics.

Haree Haree Vasundhara Pe Neela Neela Yeh Gagan
Ke Jis Pe Baadalon Kee Paalkee Udaa Rahaa Pawan
Dishaaen Dekho Rang Bharee, Chamak Rahee Umang Bharee
Ye Kis Ne Phool Phool Pe Kiya Shringaar Hai
Kaun Chitrakaar Hai, Ye Kaun Chitrakaar Hai,
Ye Kaun, ---Chitrakaar Hai

Tapasweeyon See Hain Atal Ye Parawaton Ki Chotiyaan
Ye Sarp Si Ghumer Daar, Gherdaar Ghaatiyaan
Dhwajaa Se Ye Khade Huye Hain Vraksh Devdaar Ke
Galeeche Ye Gulaab Ke, Bageeche Ye Bahaar Ke
Ye Kis Kavi ki Kalpana Ka Chamatkaar Hai
Kaun Chitrakaar Hai, Ye Kaun Chitrakaar Hai,
Ye Kaun, ---Chitrakaar Hai

Kudarat Kee Is Pavitrata Ko Tum Nihaar Lo
Is Ke Gunon Ko Apne Man Mein Tum Utaar Lo
Chamkalo Aaj Laalima, Apne Lalaat Ki
Kan Kan Se Jhaankti Tumhe, Chhavi Viraat Ki
Apni To Aankh Ek Hai, Us Ki Hazaar Ha
iKaun Chitrakaar Hai, Ye Kaun Chitrakaar Hai,
Ye Kaun, ---Chitrakaar Hai


Monday, September 06, 2004

A Close Call

Yesterday evening, Pune's notorious PMT bus( not so notorious as Delhi's Blue Line) did all, but killed us. At the Deccan signal, it hit my car on the left and grazed passed us, bumping the front left of the vehicle severely. The front bumper got knocked off, left headlight is a goner and left bonnet badly mutilated. Had the bus been slightly more on the right, or if we were on a two wheeler, it would have been all over.

This is not to say that mistake entirely was of bus driver. Much of the blame could be attributed to Ashish's( the driver) Kanpuriya style bike driving. The way he drove, it seemed he was still on his bike. But the bus driver could have saved us. He knew that he was going to hit us, as he was overtaking from left at the signal and took a sharp right, and bang we went.

Later he gave all sort of excuses which didn't work. At last he agreed, that signal had gone green, and he had to move( whether anybody gets knocked or not, he damn cared - the underlying assumption). Police was very helpful, and let us go to service station while severely reprimanding the driver.

However, I was a trifle disappointed with the public. Had this been Lucknow, the driver would have gained well in excess of ten-fifteen slaps :-)

Hi ! I am Muskaan !

You looking at me and I am looking back at you. Wanna be friends?


Thursday, September 02, 2004

No Post

Sorry Friends, I won't be able to make a post for a few days(at least) due to some personal reasons. I hope you all will miss my posts :-)