Friday, December 15, 2006

Double Whammy!

Earlier it was Sonia Gandhi who have made them look like a fool, but it seems the damage done is permanent. Either they have completely lost it by now, or they are plain in incompetent.

Recall the instances and observe the pattern. Amitabh Bachhan served notice on the hospital bed, and later as well, for owning an expensive pen and glasses. People sent notices for getting their surgeries done in lavish hospitals. And now sending notice to ADOBE India CEO Naresh Gupta, who paid the ransom of fifty lakhs.

If they have collectively lost their senses, then its fine or otherwise they are inept in their calculations.

A person who received 160 crores for KBC can not afford Sun glasses worth 5 lakhs ? Or a person whose annual salary would nothing be less than 70-80 lakhs, and must be having the shares of the company in several crores can't afford 50 lakhs rupees to save his child's life.

Doesn't these instances show mental inequilibrium and shameless greed to usurp someone's hard earn money? Surely, Mr Gupta must have drawn money from bank, no? Surely, he has a Permanent Account Number, and files regular return ? Where were the officals then?

I think to restore some sense of sanity, and regain the much maligned image of the department, the concerned overzealous officials must be sacked. Enough of lunacy.