Friday, December 01, 2006

Jai Bhim!

India has never been short of Gods, the original ones, and now we do not seem to have enough of man made ones too.

The originals used to evoke strong emotion more than a decade back, and in some different quarters, even now, but the manmade ones seem to have surpassed all previous frenzy.

God (the original one) forbid, what would happen when the would-be-Gods of tomorrow, that is Lalu, Mayawati, Thackrey, Sonia Gandhi, Jayalalita et cetera(not to ignore various Babas) would depart, and become immortal.

As if these incumbent Gods are nuisance less enough in their lives, I shudder at the thought of their gaining Godliness. These would simply add to the burgeoning list, and so would be their followers. A so called insult here and there, and they would burn the country. Zinda Hathi Laakh Ka, Aur Mara Sawa Lakh Ka.

I have said this before that if someone is so upset with the things, inflict the damage on your own property, burn yourself. That will show that one is a real follower, and insult is personal.

Common guys, do that! Show this to others. Jump down the nearest bridge, gulp down the cheapest insecticide, my personal recommendation would be Sulphas. Its a killer. Pain will show.