Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Birds Of Same Feather Flock Together

Here is an example.

These politicians of Uttar Pradesh who act like sworn enemies, and don't see each other eye to eye, and in the past have fought bloody battles with each other in assembly with microphones(which since then have been removed), shoes, and slippers, while hurling at each other choicest abuses, have now closed ranks together like Chaddhi friends against the sincere but tough Vice Chancellor of the Lucknow University(LU).

LU from its glory days has now become a criminal den, promoted by politicians, specifically Mulayam Singh Yadav(MSY). Earlier state government had banned elections on the campus to demotivate goonda elements. But MSY being a goonda himself, lifted that ban.

Now the Chief Election Commissioner Lyngdoh has enforced certain electoral guidelines which bars criminals from fighting elections. Vice Chancellor Ram Prakash Singh , an ex IIT - Kharagpur professor, wants to enforce that. Even the court has ordered the same. But these goondas who have nothing to do with studies backed by senior goondas in assembly doesn't want that.

The students had created so much ruckus at the LU campus that VC was forced closed the LU sine die, and ordered the hostels to be emptied. Now these politicos are trying to frame the VC with false statements attributed to him so that he may be forced to step down.

It proves that be it center - where politicos ego has been bruised irrevocably just because Supreme Court has said that no permission is needed to frame cases against corrupt politicians like Lalu Prasad Yadav - or state, there is no hope for improvement because these crooks will come together against any reforms.

People like Singh who are trying to detoxify the system would be kicked out one way or other.