Friday, December 22, 2006

Jaan Bachi Lakhon Pai ..

Smiling Aryan
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Aryan loves outdoors. No matter how much time he spends there, it doesn't seem enough for him. The moment we are in our apartment he start fidgeting in protest.

Per Ser Ko Sava Ser Kabhi Na Kabhi To Milta Hi Hai.

A few days back, we decided to go to Shopper's Stop for some shopping. Aryan Ki To Jaise Chaandi Hi Ho Gayi. It was quite far off from our place, so junior quite enjoyed the car ride.

Since we are taking about car, Aryan has some funny habits there. He always looks at the side windows, and never bothers to see in front. The other thing which is peculiar is that he always looks upwards. We often jokingly tell him to look at bottom as well, as the buildings start from there.

So we reached Shopper Stop, and Aryan was in his elements. He would smile at every salesperson, & shopper without fail, and try to pull the clothes hanging there. I didn't mention before but Aryan these days is at smiling and grabbing spree. He continued doing this till we finally moved out.

Our car was park a bit far from the place, and there was hardly any space to walk. The idiots at Pune Municipal Corporation have allowed to open about 5-6 mall at the very close locations, and that was causing huge traffic and parking problems. To add to that, the major arterial road has been blocked for some construction work since an year now.

We some how trudged our way back to our car, and started our trip back to home. Aryan wasn't amused with all this. The pollution, noise, crowd - all were having adverse cumulative effect on him. The smile was gone.

There was no less traffic on the rest of the roads. Finally we reached home after an hour so. His smile had completely vanished by now. Clearly, for Aryan, the trip didn't turn out the way he would have liked.

But here was a surprise lying for us.

I hadn't even completely opened the door of our flat, when we saw Aryan smiling again - ear to ear. As we put him on his bed, smile didn't stop. He continued doing that for quite a while after that, and without bothering to disturb us.

This was in complete contrast to his normal behaviour. Probably this trip had been stretched a bit too far for him, and as we reached home, he immediately recognized the familiar environment. He was like - am I glad back!

At one point he must have given the hope of getting back, and when he finally did, he must have breathed - Jaan Bachi Lakhon Pai, Laut Ker Buddhu Ghar Ko Aai.