Monday, December 18, 2006


My first Cricket post in EIGHT months, non believers may skip. No I haven't dumped Cricket, not until it becomes another Hockey, and there's a long time to go for that to happen.

But yesterday's incident, which would go down for me as one of the most orgasmique pleasure giving incidents ever taken place in Indian Cricket.

Kiran More giving a mouthful to jumping Javed, Venkatesh Prasad showing the dressing room to Aamir Sohail, Sachin taking winds out of blabbering Shoaib Akhtar, and Agarkar making Justin Langer his own bunny were some of the adrenaline pumping moments, but I always yearned for a Sarwan-McGrath type of incident in Indian Cricket.

And that happened live yesterday.

Andrew Nel is a sort of person who is the product of bad Paidaish, and Parwarish, a la Glen McGrath. And add to top that he has an utterly disgusting face, packed with an even more ugly smile. I feel like smothering his face with my raw hands, when I see him walking to batsmen. In this world, where every big guy tries to bully a weak guy - he is a walking billboard of that saying. And he gets away too. ICC never objected to that.

I am sure Sunil Gavaskar would also share my sentiments.

But the way Srisanth performed that sword dance, after hoisting him for the maximum - that too after coming down the wicket - it was Ne Plus Ultra. I had expected a Dhoni or Pathan to do this, because now it is beyond Sachin Tendulkar to do, but to think of Srisanth doing that, it must have been more humiliating for Nel.

Bravo Srisanth, bravo!

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