Monday, March 05, 2007


The Foodie in TimesNow finally gave Lucknow its due. As if in act of over repentance for neglecting it for so long, it dedicated four exclusive weekends to Awadhi cusine with an eclectic combination ranging from Kakori Kebabs to Mutton Harabhara.

They are yet to provide links of the latest episode yesterday which covered winter specialities of Lucknow, but all other links up and for the benefit of those who have missed the episodes, and want to know the recepies here are the links.

The Foodie Cookbook: Lucknow - The City of the Nawabs (First Episode)
In this episode, Nawab Jaffar Mir Abdullah talk about Mutton Korma and Raan Ke Kebabs. For those who are not aware, Raan is thigh in Awadhi.

The Foodie Cookbook: Daawat-e-Lucknow (Second Episode )
Here The Foodie is treated at the lawns of beautiful Chhota Imambara, with delicacies like Khadi Masoor Ki Dal , Lucknowi Mutton Dum Biryani and Shahi Tukda.

The Foodie Cookbook: Lucknow Kababs (Third Episode)
Simple Kebabs. First a trip to legendry Tunde Kebabs at Nazeerabad lane near Aminabad. The Tunde kebabs are basically Galawati Kebabs(they melt in mouth therefore are called so) with are eaten with Roomali Rotis, Sheermal (an orange-coloured saffron-flavoured naan, made only in Lucknow), Khameeri naan or Ulta Tawa Parathas. But Tunde's deserve a complete post so some time later. Promise.

Then he moves to a restaurant called NausheerJaan in Hazratganj, where the cook shows how to cook Malai Mewa Kebab , Majlisi Kebab , Pasanda Kebab , Kakori Kebab .

The Foodie Cookbook: Lucknow Winter Specials (Fourth Episode)
They haven't put up the link of this episode as of yet. It started in some Nawabi Haveli which I missed out. All the dishes are Lucknow winter specials. A newly wed of just five days along with her husband tells us about Mutton Harabhara. Later her mother-in-law shows how to cook Egg Halwa.

The Foodie, then moves to Chowk in old Lucknow where he learns how to prepare spicy Kashimiri Chai which is drunk-cum-eaten with soaked Samosa and Balai( Malai). Then he gets to taste delicious Kali Gajar Ka Halwa of which foodie had never heard about. He later put his hands on the yummy Makkhan Malai which is a fluffy cream prepared by putting the stuff open in dew whole night.

They missed out a lot of stuff because sky is the limit in Lucknow, but to their credit they did well by giving a whole month to Lucknow.

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