Friday, October 29, 2004

Yesterday, The Times of India had received information from 'well placed sources' that Sourav Ganguly's bone scan is normal. Today, we came to know that scan showed he has got liquid accumulated in hip joint, that is radiating pain to his thighs. Media has definitely gone to dog these days.


Katich got out on 99. While some may feel sorry for him, I feel it was 'Divine Justice'. He should have been LBW at no score. Then again at the score 6. Once he was caugth bat and pad. Finally, he was out four times. Aussies seems to be getting in habit of this. Hayden and Langer usually do. I remember Steve Waugh doing this. Ponting, Martyn, and now CLarke as well. It almost like taking 40 wickets against them, to win a match.


Meanwhile, deadly duo of Steve Bucknor and Billy Bowden are tormenting Srilanka and Pakistan these days. Saw Bucknor giving a Srilankan caught behind, when there was not bat involved. His partner gives LBW when it's bat. Great going fellas !

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